At a time when the physical occupation of Wall Steet has come to an end, the incentive to return to the familiar single-issue silos of social justice work is tempting. But to many, the beauty of the Occupy Wall Street movement has always lain in its unique ability to call out and confront social injustice as a problem rooted in a *system* that transcends any one of its individual faces.

#WHERESWALLST will create a platform in which work by activists from across the country can combine to draw a map of this entire system while amplifying and informing activated frontline sites of struggle. The map will require our voices and our actions to become whole. The map will reveal hidden connections and flows of influence. It will connect our voices to each other and connect frontline community struggles to the web of capitalist influence.

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[accordion_panel title=”Minutes 10/2/12″]

Posted October 4th, 2012 by whereswallst • permalink
Action points

— Connect Ingrid, Andy, and Austing with Chris. Also find information about fare evasion. Write and send around copy for  recruitment flyers.
Austin-– Report back from meeting tonight and tomorrow about where and when Occupy Town Square will be next. Chat with Rebecca about walking tours.
Andy— Share information about the Whistle Blowers with list and with Sam. Find out community orgs behind Fare Strike.
Ingrid— Move over Domain name for Where’s Wall Street. Also report back with Austin from Radical cartography meeting.
Sam— Connect with Andy about Whistleblower stuff. Price check Bozo dolls.
Nicole— Type up notes (check!). Also research fare evasion figures. Reach out to George about walking tours.
Proposed Agenda for Next Meeting
Check Ins
-Fare hike
-Radical Cartography
Website Themes Discussion
S17 next year  Where’s Wall Street Conference
Videos discussion
Actions Brainstorm
Next Steps
Notes for 10/2/12

Alexis’ Idea
— Goldman Sachs Recruitment Ad
  • Spoof recruitment ad to tell story about how awful it is to work there
  • Could get Students involved
  • Possibly turn into “College Career Fair Protest Toolkit” Possible inroads with the national Student Power Convergence
  • Reach out to EFF to check on legality of creative commons usage
  • Recruitment is around November/ December– Let’s move quickly
  • NEXT STEPS” Draft language and circulate
— Whisleblower aid
  • Help people become whistleblowers
  • Lockman and Johnson working on this
  • People also reached out to Sam on this
  • Possibly we can collaborate to make “whistleblowers” toolkit
  • SEC Bounty Program– Great incentive to blow the whistle
  • NEXT STEP: Put that info on the listserve, let’s talk about it
— Tactical Cartography
  • At Occupy Town Square
  • Asks “what are you upset about”
  • Helps people find what makes them upset around where they are
  • Training component for map-making and scouting
  • Brings thought one step closer to action
  • NEXT STEPS: Report back from meetings Wednesday and Thursday about where next OTS will be so we can research the area.

–ALSO– Walking tours

  • people can learn about the space around them.
  • Maybe improve everywhere would be into this?
  • you could also have the tour recorded (by many voices) that way you can do it on your own time
  • we could even add and action component –Ask the manager this. OR–Do a cartwheel…
  • We could outsource this to people in neighborhoods all over and then compile the recordings somewhere
  • Radical Resistance Tour.. Maybe they would be interested down the road?
  • NEXT STEP: Reach out to George about walking tours. Talk with Rebecca.
Framing thoughts from Nicole
  • What is Wall Street? — Resource Extraction
  • This creates anger and rage
  • It’s going to be a big year for rage — Uprisings against drone warfare in the Middle east, Food shortages that will cause riots, Environmental degradation, Workplace exploitation resulting in strikes (Walmart, Hot and crusty, …)
  • Let’s keep an eye out for how this rage can reinforce itself in different situations. Let’s keep on the horizon how this rage is unified against Wall Street

Fare Strike

  • Fare Strike happening
  • Raising the Fare $0.25
  • Opportunity for community outreach
  • Bozo with Jamie Dimon’s Face on it ——> This Guy is Why your fare is going up
  • This is the story in Municipal Governemtns all over the country
  • What are the Community Orgs working on this
  • Transportation Alternatives is one
  • Making Policiy Public
  • NEXT STEPS: Figure out what orgs are working on this/ price check Bozo

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[accordion_panel title=”7/31/12 Minutes”]

Posted July 31st, 2012 by whereswallst • permalink



Talk to devin—see if he van build a simple tumblr or something

Talk to Ingrid to transfer URL


Small banks talk takes on giants CNN MONEY community banks



What is the threshold for Wall Street. How are we defining it?

Wall Street influence?

In people.

Start with Big 5 banks and build out



Who owns wall street? Who are the majority share holders?– that would be interesting to research

Who is a shareholder? Who is a Stakeholder? If you’re not a stakeholder what do you get?

–This is an important question


Glass- Stegal


Follow the money, Follow the influence


What was money like before. What would it be like if we brought it back


Where are the countriest of the country clubs?

Who are these people


Start with 5 US banks


Citigroup—invested in 500 companies in and still have collections agencies


Vertical Intigration

–Where are these places

–Institutions that shouldn’t be allowed


History lesson on Wall Street



Research BCA CCA




Exxon Connect to Shell







Prisons Police


ConEd Lockout,


Strike Debt

Anaheim Stuff

Bello Monche


Contact Global


Technical expplaination


You don’t have



What is Wall Street preventing?

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[accordion_panel title=”Minutes 7/21/12″]

Posted July 29th, 2012 by whereswallst • permalink

We are thinking of having a work party for starting to work with API/ go over design stuff/ figuring out action prompts/ working with local actions like:

Con Ed Lockout
Rent strike
Finding other fronts of injustice
School closings?
MTA how fares go to pay debt. Strike Debt
Environmental Stuff
Here is a doodle:::http://doodle.com/5c5y5ruiynx8s5ma
Let’s reach out to local campaigns and do research on them find allies for all of them.
ALSO: Tweet from and at @wherewallst contact Linnea for more info

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[accordion_panel title=”Minutes 7/10/12″]

Posted July 10th, 2012 by whereswallst • permalink

some brainstorming about the website itself:





Goldman Sachs













click a tag, and then display below a blow out of the detail of the data



what are the tentacles that oppress people

map those tentacles



mapping out vertical integration (health care companies also owning fatty food companies)



giving space for them to see their cause


plugging in a product, or a company name, and see where it plays out in the wider world.

– ex: this bottle of water is made by the company Unilever, who _____ and  ________



track healthcare

track your school, what boards your school’s president sits on



Where’s Wall St vs Where Wall St ISN’T

Can have a quiz–Dunkin Donuts, Wall St or not? Not? WRONG!

Flip back and forth or overlay the two maps


Explanations need to be simple, a la the Story of Stuff



[ OWS ACTION MAP] [Beautiful Trouble is an existing website ]

– user profiles, networks they belong to, ways for people to meet and connect

– open-endedness is really important to the success of actions. give a basic framework and then allow people to do their own thing.


– photoshop photo bombing. Bank CEOs as #2 in alquada. Bank CEOs reading the communist manifesto. Bank CEOs as mafia, knocking knees. Bankers in jail.


physical realm

– people realizing their own networks, and finding new ways to organize

– where Wall St ISN’T

– hook in to Solidarity NYC

– where’s wall street conference before sept 17th. week before; get as many ppl as we can.

— call radios: ask them to do a “where’s wall st” show;

— call churches: ask them to do a WWS sermon

— call galleries: ask them to do a WWS exhibit


– let’s say we have an awesome map; what’s next? how do people connect and then turn to action?

— how does a map turn into an organizing tool?

— could use the revolutionary games model; find any point on the map and create a game around it

— need a way to allow users to create a call to action

— allow users to add actions to the map, with links to news articles about it


– have a physical map. put up physical placards with action prompts.

— ex: plank in front of the JPM Chase building

— ex; “give this bank the middle finger” potential solution: build a human pyramid middle finger with several ppl


– video games have “easter eggs”



– does techOps provide website hosting?

– alexis to send out directions about adding to Ingrid’s WWS list

– linnea will create whereswallst twitter accounts

– linnea to ask graphic designers for WWS logo

connect Ingrid with Chris

– is there an open source version of where in the world is carmen sandiego video game?

– get kevin and matthew on the listserve to talk about interaction between lilsis API and the website

– generate 5-10 locations of Chase across brooklyn and manhattan (map team)

– generate 5-10 locations of Barclays across brooklyn and manhattan (map team)

– generate 5-10 action ideas at these Chase/BarCap locations (action team)

we should ask @blogdiva since she’s hooked up to a larger community, esp ppl who want to help but cannot show up to actions

– look at graffiti action lab

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[accordion_panel title=”Minutes 6/26/12″]

Posted June 26th, 2012 by whereswallst • permalink

Hello Wonderful People!


We had a wonderful meeting this past Tuesday and our next meeting is Tuesday July 10th at 6 PM at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


At that meeting we will report back on the exploratory  work we have done in the hiatus (networking at #natgat, figuring out Wall Street corporations impact ourlives directly, and researching various aesthetics and actions). We will also be putting our heads together with the creators of Littlesis to figure out how we can use their API to connect to our website.


Also we have a LISTSERV to  facilitate inter-meeting work. You have all been added. If you can go to http://lists.occupy.net/lists/suboptions/whereswallst to change your preferences http://lists.occupy.net/lists/signoff/whereswallst to unsubscribe.


I’ve attached last meeting’s themes and notes below. I’ll also upload them on our wiki at – http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Wherewallstreet . We had a particularly fruitful discussion on the necessity of this project and why now is the time for a project like this.


Here are some big take aways:



Why this project now?

We started the conversation, but we never defined it. The conversation is being had but not in any kind of intelligent way. 

We need to deepen the level of the conversation so that we are talking about real things.

We need to expose the system

We need to break the isolation


Why for Occupy?

People trust us. We aren’t owned. We aren’t trying to push a political agenda. We are just people and people trust regular people.

This project is like a rei-magining of the park. It is populist. It is a mobile Zuccotti park. A NEW COMMONS

People can plug into this project from around


This movement is at a crossroads. Energy is low. The survival of this movement is under threat.  We need a catalyst. Its a chance to be cool and edgy again.





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[accordion_panel title=”Minutes 6/19/12″]

Posted June 19th, 2012 by whereswallst • permalink


–Important to reach people who don’t want to participate
–Assult in daylife the people in NY
–Don’t focus too much on making it scalable, people in other places can use our resources
–Simple slogan a la “Wall Street is here”
–Acknowledge that vocabulary is not universal
–Make everything interactive and fun
–Display information in interesting interactive ways
–Outreach component after launch to drum up popular intrigue

Suggested Targets:
  • Christine Quinn
  • Arts
  • Secure communities ICE policy detention centers
  • Wall street’s telecommunications conduit
  • NewCorp
  • Drone manufacturer in the Brooklyn Navy Yard
  • Facebook
  • Fracking Industry
  • City Council members in general
  • Grade corporations on Wall Street influence
  • Obama

Suggested Tactics:
  • Culture Jamming, Brand Appropriation
  • Stickers
  • Banner
  • Sinage
  • Target trash cans, poles, things that aren’t regularly checked
  • QR codes
  • Imply sponsorship from corporations while incriminating them
  • Auction off elected officials
  • Snatch up domain names and parody their websites
  • Use over-exaggeration and hyperbole to peak interest
  • Internet memes (Waldo hat at sites of/ conduits for injustice)
  • Peak interest by tapping into urges of consumption

Next steps:

Outreach to:
–Sleepful Protest
–Solidarity NY and other allies who are working in offering alternatives
–Graphic design to find out mark
— Tech to do forum for discussion in between meetings

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[accordion_panel title=”Minutes 6/12/12″]

Posted June 12th, 2012 by whereswallst • permalink



  1. — We need to start with 2 or 3 WELL COORDINATED ACTIONS to build CRITICAL MASS
  2. — We need to start with 2 or 3 clearly articulated replicable actions to meet people where they are at.


Overall themes:


  • ·      Want to strike on something that all of America can do again
  • ·      People Like mapping [Power mapping]
  • ·      People like the many tiers
  • ·      People like connective ability
  • ·      Like that it speaks to intersectionality
  • ·      Like that it encourages Direct Action and Mutual Aid
  • ·      Possible to also map alternative




  1. Tech –Ingrid, Christina
  2. Tactics– Yates, Austin
  3. Targets– Nicole All (everyone think about it) Alexis,
  4. (In) Teroccupy// Telling—Dicey and Nicole

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[accordion_panel title=”Initial Proposal”]

Posted June 1st, 2012 by whereswallst • permalink


Pose the question, “Where’s Wall Street?”  Invite the world to answer “Everywhere!”


Goal 1: Establish and proliferate a multiplicity of “personal escalation calendars” by creating a simple, accessible, highly legible action framework with multiple tiers of engagement.
Goal 2: Re-establish the general public’s affinity for OWS through “back to basics” messaging that deploys iconic actions and materials to stake out a populist moral high ground
Goal 3: Iterate this action through multiple variations so people can recognize its logic in different geographic and ideological contexts
Goal 4: Create a replicable action meme capable of spreading virally throughout NYC and the US, and aid in its replication and transmission.


– human bodies
– cardboard signs
– public space*
– physical symbols of Wall Street hegemony**

* sidewalks, streets, parks, public and private plazas, etc.
** NY Stock Exchange, bank branches, corporate media outlets, Democratic and Republican campaign field offices, courthouses, jails, police precincts, economic development agencies, welfare offices, city halls, legislatures, etc.



Overview: Every Wednesday at 4pm, members of OWS will stage an action on Wall Street (as close as possible to the New York Stock Exchange) involving sitting and lying down in public spaces with handwritten cardboard signs declaring personal grievances against Wall Street. The action will have two tiers, conceived in the spirit of instructional courses, “Introduction to Wall Street and the Law” and “Advanced Research in Wall Street and the Law.”

“Introduction to Wall Street and the Law” will seek to familiarize newcomers to the movement with tactics of non-violent civil disobedience and radicalize them toward further action through a highly personalized ladder of engagement.  Participants in the “Intro” course will be walked through a deliberate and nurturing process of intake, storytelling, testimonial documentation, and direct action training, resulting in a straightforward “lie-in” action in front of the Stock Exchange and followed by robust jail support, broadcast of their testimonials through OWS’s social media channels, and incorporation of trainees into the planning and execution of future actions.

“Advanced Research in Wall Street and the Law” will allow seasoned members of OWS’s Direct Action Working Group and “graduates” of the intro-level “course” to explore the possibilities of autonomously planned direct action under a more flexible version of the introductory “lie-in” action logic.  These actions will be more improvisatory and playful in scope.  Their objective will be to call attention to the absurdity of the NYPD’s selective enforcement of the law by actively seeking out and flirting with the edges of that enforcement and calling humorous attention to the logic through which it is enacted (or not enacted).

Actions will be planned in an organic fashion by small cells of participants, and therefore cannot be entirely predicted at this writing.  Currently, two proposed actions include a “hosing” action — in which participants will counter the NYPD’s tactic of hosing down sidewalks to force protesters off them by sitting in swimsuits and snorkles holding signs that read “the 99% is getting hosed by the 1%” while they get hosed — and a “leapfrog” action — in which participants will sit or lie on the sidewalk on Wall Street until asked to leave by the NYPD, then get up, move 10 or 20 feet down the sidewalk and repeat the action until they discover the border of the “high security” area at which they are allowed to lie and sleep.

Legal Strategy: Both tiers of action will seek to help re-establish the tactic of occupation by leveraging the 2000 federal court decision, Metro Council v. Safir, under which OWS successfully claimed the right to occupy the sidewalks surrounding the Stock Exchange for 8 days in April, until the NYPD began to selectively enforce the ruling by declaring the Stock Exchange a “high security area.” We will use the video and photo documentation generated by the actions as evidence in an ongoing behind-the-scenes legal campaign of injunctions and civil suits to restore the ruling’s protection of sidewalk sleeping.  Meanwhile, we will continue a steady stream of mediagenic actions to increase our leverage in that campaign.

Media Strategy: Both tiers of action will be carefully documented through self-made and traditional media.  We will regularly update the our Tumblr blog, CardboardRoses.org, with YouTube videos (see here and here), photos, and written testimonials (see here and here) profiling the individual stories of action participants.  We will use this content to drive mainstream media interest in a frame based on the conflict between the sympathetic individual stories of the 99% and the impersonal marchinery of Wall Street hegemony.  We will pitch reporters on profiles and features stories based on that interest, and use the stories to recruit more participants.

(For some of the press coverage generated in the first few weeks of our development of this dual legal/media strategy, see The New York Times here and here and The Village Voice here and here.)



As the leverage generated by ongoing legal pressure and media exposure allows the tactic of sidewalk sleeping to take hold, we will broaden it to other sites of economic injustice throughout the city and — eventually — throughout the country and world.

Having established the simple act of sitting or lying with a cardboard sign as a viable and legible way to raise up the voice of the individual against the machine of Wall Street, we will transpose that gesture to sites other than the Stock Exchange that less obviously — but more systematically — mark the stranglehold of capitalism over the lives of ordinary people.  Looking to Judith Butler’s concept of “Mapping Capitalism” as a theoretical touchstone and to the internet phenomenon of “planking” for practical guidance, we will establish the hashtag #whereswallst and spread it worldwide!

Over the course of June and July, we will seek to establish weekly 24-hour “micro-occupations” on sidewalks in front of iconic strongholds of corporate power in New York City.  Occupying Fox News headquarters one week, an Obama campaign field office the next, we will establish pockets of dissent across the city that serve as mastheads for organizing, educating, and mobilizing ordinary New Yorkers toward a more militant engagement with the tentacles of capitalism that pervade their everyday lives but all to often go unseen and unnamed.

We will document each micro-occupation through photos, videos, blog posts, zines, and mainstream media coverage.  We will pay careful attention to documenting the planning steps and media strategies we used to establish the micro-occupations.  We will activate personal relationships within the Occupy network, the Interoccupy Committees of Correspondence, and OWS’s social media streams to disseminate this documentation widely to activists in other cities.  We will mount a sustained personal outreach campaign to empower these activists to replicate and modify our tactics to establish their own micro-occupations.  By mid-summer, we hope to have dozens of micro-occupations sprouting up every week.

As the micro-occupations grow, we will curate a website (whereswallst.info) that literally maps each of these micro-occupations and provides detailed documentation of how the physical sites on the map correspond to a power map of Wall Street’s hold over the global economy. Depending on available resources, this site could be expanded to include user-generated content, peer-to-peer communication and all sorts of bells and whistles.

This second phase is the meat of the project.  If the first phase begins with a statement “This is Wall Street,” the second poses the question, “Where’s Wall Street?” and begins the difficult but exciting work of inviting the world to answer “Everywhere!”  As the world answers with their actions, these actions will draw a map.  Each point on the map will be both a site of injustice and a space for resisting that injustice.  As the map is elaborated further, we will “connect the points,” producing an increasingly clear diagram of both the system we seek to destroy and the systems we want to build in its place.  If it works, #whereswallst will become a living portrait of dual power.


Throughout the summer, OWS’s Occupy Town Square working group will stage a series of “pop-up occupations” in public spaces throughout the outer boroughs.  The purpose of the pop-ups will be to engage newcomers to the movement through speak-outs, trainings, assemblies, and other outreach tools.  We will set up a direct action training station at each pop-up and use it to empower participants to plan and implement actions on issues that are important to them and their local communities.  As participants’ direct action experience and skills develop over the summer, we will invite them to participate in Cardboard Roses and the establishment of micro-occupations in their communities. (We will also seek to integrate these outreach with OWS Direct Action’s summerlong Summer Disobedience School project.)


By four weeks prior to September 17, the day marking OWS’s one-year anniversary and the planned date for a massive national convergence on New York’s Financial District dubbed “Black Monday,” we hope to have developed the #whereswallst meme to a sufficient extent that the tactic of micro-occupation has gone viral and taken root nationwide.  At such a point, we hope to invite this host of micro-occupations to gather their newly gathered person-power, tactical experience, logistical capacity, and messaging bandwidth and summon it to New York City for one, big hyperconcentrated day of action.

In addition to bolstering numbers for the day of action, this gesture of centripedal gathering, coming on the heels of months of centrifugal spreading, suggests an action logic reporting back to Wall Street that could be layered onto the rest of the days actions.  To wit: having fanned out to meticulously mapped examples of Wall Street’s damage all over the world, on September 17, we would summon all those examples into one place to deposit them on Wall Street’s doorstep.  This giant heap of metaphorical (and perhaps physical) debris, amassed in one place, would constitute a monument to our own ability to see Wall Street for what it really is, and thus, to our ability to see past it to a better world.


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The information here is from the Occupy.net wiki. Use the wiki to document everything pertaining to your Hub. Wikis are a powerful way to share content and document the processes for the work you are engaged in.

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