Via22 Meeting – NatGat2, WSF, Earth Day,Global may


Collaborative agenda

1 National Gathering in Kalamazoo (USA) (20 minute presentation)
2 WSF Tunis
3 Earth Day
4 Global May

Please help promoting the #Via22 at the WSF event


François Genest, Québec (Canada)
Jackie Splain, near Buffalo, NY
Carminda, Montreal-QC
Nicole Lynne, Holland, MI, USA
Alex Kanyi, Nairobi, Kenya
@netdruide : Daniel Pallier, Brest, France
Ternura from Spain
Dennis Mansell (dennmans) from Holland
Chris Whamhoff, Kalamazoo, MI USA
Notes =

Attending the meeting are Carminda, François, Jackie, Nicole, Patrick, Ternura, Alex, Chris, Daniel, Dennis, Mar

Jackie presents the NatGat of last year. Visioning documents available from the 290 people there. This year Kalamazoo is a good place to converge. Biggest inland oil spill in America. Very aware of the environment. Human powered bycicle generators, teach how to do that. Big homeless problem for a small town. City mean to homeless people.

5 basic ideas to concentrate on : ENVIRONMENT, drop fossil fuels, how environmental problems connect internationaly. Have conversations locally and expand them. ECONOMICS, corporate personhood : in America you can spend whatever you want for elections. ANTI-WAR coalitions, peace groups, supporting FREE MEDIA and better ways to connect. A new platform in the works, a new great way for us to connect. KALAMAZOO

In Spain, similar problems with fracking, no need to emphasize the choice of Kalamazoo within the USA at the international level for outreach

Nicole (bottom lining environmental aspect). please email me to organize, would love to work with you!

Proposal in solidarity with VIA22 : Earth Day – Plant something day (a real plant, and the seed of conversation)
NatGat would like to participate also to Global May

Tour of the group Unfuck the world (USA), pot-lucks, teach-ins, hopefully people will decide to meet in Kalamazoo. Similar initiative in Spain starting May 1st.

InterOccupy is supporting the National Gathering 2013. Subscribe here:

Nicole : Environment aspect : solidarity with tar sand struggles

No prerequisites to participate in the NatGat process
New visioning process to participate online, it’s still in the conceptual phase
Nat Gat : August 21-25.
Proposal to make it a 24 hour event on the 22nd of August, so that Australia can participate

Last year, it was only Occupy. Now a year later, it opens up to other efforts. Talked about calling it International Occupy. Open to input and suggestions on that.
In France, they call themselves Real Democracy. It’s very specific to the people to whom you adress the message. Maybe National in each country and then connect internationally.

Car : VIA22 had the same aim at the beginning. Open to other movements, a fresh start. Feel free to use VIA22 name for the international communication. (Proposal)
Alex : as long as goals are intertwined, it’s okay

Daniel introduces himself.

Use Via22 name for international communication, to say that natgat is a US initiative,one of the initiatives coming together in the process and communication space for via22 – bring this to the natgat planning group! (via22 is also “a learning process”, not something we can do in a day or a couple days and everyone is happy, it’s an ongoing process) Via22 will support the global dialog, but don’t need to change natgat name to via22, would kill efforts especially after August.

Ternura: Not change NatGat2 name for VIA22. After August, VIA22 will still be on, it is never over. Promote the global dialogue the same way that we promote VIA22. Happy that NatGat will turn into a process.

Carminda will let us know about the free spaces in Tunis
Ternura – different movements meet in tunis – want to show a new way that movements and individuals are connecting. (pad just disconnected for me)
for a lot of people it is impossible to connect to these types of platforms like we have on mumble, skype, etc.
Alex – it is really a challenge for other people and organziations that want to connect
connecting here has been a hassle – thanks, – in the WSF if people could be educated on how to connect globally – if you have know-how and time to teach other orgazniations to do this it would be nice
is ternura going to be in Tunis? T – will be more effective on this end – she will be dialing between tunis and europe
Car – Via22 will be bringing – activist researchers are thinking critically about all this – we will be proposing 4 spaces.
1 – encourage dialogue between ppl in diff social movement and to have an opening to come and meet – there is a gap between generations, old left, and new. participarory methodology – open form and world ___ – will be breaking down into small groups to have conversationa about 3 main goals.
2networking, dialogue
not really oproposing Via22 as the thing to do, but as a platform
3.convergence after the meeting in Tunis – all open for participation – will be using mumble and skype and livestream
4.creative part – sometimes speaking is not best way to express selves
T_indignadx: all the info to follow and connect to our comrades in Tunis
Francois – intends to be online on the 27th – do you have any information about that – ]
car – acutally noone really knows how it will be
you can join through mumble and actuqally will have mumble at some tables so you can participate
Dennis – Amsterdam – been keeping an eye on the WSF and your visit to Tunisia – I saw that Orsan had sent around an email
Carminda will post about livestream, look on the site for this info – today or tmrw
Alex – will there be a participation in a march in Tunis
Car – there will be a march on the 26th; also a march at the ending of the forum, but that is more focused on supporting Palestine.
T – any secial requests for the social forum in Tunis; bring souvenirs int he form of networks!
especially from the middle east and Africa, Asia
Pat – will try to be there ….
Carmind to Pat – talked about the need for networking there – can you tell more about tht
Pat – many coming to the forum are already involved with networks – people like to paricupate globally but not all have same energy, capibilities – if there can be a map of everyone’s interest (lit, food, energy) – could see on the map where you want to participate
there is a lot of ways and ends to do what we like to make civil change – the object of the forum is to connect people – if we can do something online or there – to be as visible as possible – someone did this before, made a big map attched between two trees – it was super big (2.5×5 metres long) was beautiful (important when we do things) – a place to write names and subjects (communcation, global vision, empowerment, etc.), cord

a measure problem about how people write – with a pen – need to send out emails to each of them to be sure you them right – if people can enter on a laptop, it would be better
create a simple form for people to fill in online

Connect with Dave and Larry from IO – presenting about itnernational communications platform, InterOccupy tools, process, methodology

Francois – there is a meeting on Sunday to test the connection with Tunis
Pat – it is not possible to test ahead – it may be very busy during Tunis; maybe we buy a sim card or something with internet possiblities and try to conenct a laptop with the mobile phone – think a SIM card may be enought to connect to mumble. It will be so sad if we have the connection and it is bad, bad sound, etc.

Francois – will be a test for the four mumble rooms we use use in Tunis
Sunday between 8PM and 10PM Tunis time – calculate what it is in your area

Car – will try to be there – we have a meeting with the people going from Quebec
Pat – anything prepared for taking video and pictures of the workshop
Car – has a small camera – we hope for more
Pat – maybe we can try to produce some bottom, like a picture you can pin with Via22 on it – a badge – then it is a souvenir and collect later. spreading the name of via22.
contact ___ from occupy – he was talking about doing this, getting a machine
Car – we are leaving tomorrow afternoon.

Earth Day
touched this point when we were speaking about Kalamazoo – the beginning of the global conversation – like the idea of planting a seed
Francois – what is happening in Montreal – a big assembly last year this year on the 21st Ternura -putting together assemblies Greenpeace, other big groups
the town I ive in, fracking threat this year – we have a platform that coordinates a lot of the groups, grassroots, ngos – the subject here is fracking and there are many actions – full of actions the whole weekend. many ngos don’t see themselves participating online to connect to other ecological groups
april 26 we will do something like an ___ space with people so they
the whole month is going to be anti- fracking in my town
Nicole – put her contact information in the pad – let her know whatever we can do to promote and be in soloidarity with those actions – awesome
Car – we should be in touch about that – there is a via11meeting – there should be more meetings about that, develop a poster, talk more about the events of Earth Day
welcome to sacajaweabcn
meeting on the 11th is at 4 PM GMT

Global May 2013
Den – Amsterdam – not sure what is happening, but something is being cooked up – big demostration adn open assembly last year
Car – Montreal – last year the global May was part of Quebec Spring – we built up a collective, a group who worked nicely and smoothly – proposed to open the space we occupied in 2011 and propose it as a space to converge – make their own activities within the square – worked out very well – people had 20-25 activities. there were a lot of people in the streets around the city.
question – laptop – assembly in or windows or mac? or linux 🙂
Mar from Barcelona has joined.
T – online forum – please post what you are doing for global may

Jackie – In New York, big march last year blending workers and students, immigrants, in the works again this year; Occupy Debt initiative buy loans pennies on the dollar : many millions of debt in medical bills have been cleared. Some objections to even partaking in the Debt System, but mostly favorable. Strike Debt:,
To understand more of this initiative, you can download the
The Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual at
Occupy London also has a helpful treatise on Economics:

first of May until the 22nd of May – send qestions to the Via22 mailing list and Ternura can help you with that.

Den – still on the server – if we need to get something set up!
Car – we will need to host map there.
Den – will we use the map global democacie has or would we have to start again
Car – we would have to start pinning form zero

Ternura – remind everyone that I will post link to the pad again – if your interventions are not there are not recorded right this is your chance to record them

Nicole – thank you very much for having us here – Chris wants me to tell you thank you for having us here, and definitely want to network with everyone about the envronment and everything
Car – thank you – not easy to dialgue internationally
Ternura – just want to let everyone know

Car – we need some help to promote the spaces in Tunis – today I will be putting info on the website, and if you have time to share the facebook events, etc. give us a hand
encourage everyone to come back to this conversation – hopefully we will have more people as we go

T – there are meetings on this server all week – mondays to thursday(?) – see you on April 11 and before that we will meet in this server

For April plans, the earth day we agreed on meeting on 11th Apr, at 16pm GMT to plan the 22nd
Don’t forget the part where we plant a tree representing a projetc for the future

please if you feel like, share your plans for GlobalMay in this form : so other assemblies can start form there

Buffalo in May 2013 about the strike debt group in May 2013 there will be a “debt burning” day

In NY unions wil join on MayDay

any more questions or suggestions for GlobalMay2013 pelase launch the contenst to the via22 mailing list and we will be happy to answer and help

Please make sure you are suscribed to the mailing list Via22 mailing list

List info:

Please help promoting the event



Vous êtes invités à ajouter vos informations de contact au tout début de ce document. : )

Bienvenue! Voici l’espace écrit collectif que nous allons utiliser en préparation de la conversation du 22 mars. Cette décision a été prise consensuellement lors de la conversation du 11 mars dans la salle VIA22 et à laquelle ont participé Daniel en France, Jackie aux États-Unis et François au Québec (Canada). La forme de ce document dépend entièrement de l’usage qui en est fait par les participants : les langues, les traductions, les liens internet, les points discutés sont tous produits par les quelques personnes qui y auront contribué à l’avance et par les participants à la conversation le jour du 22 mars 2013. Que cette conversation soit agréable et satisfaisante pour tout le monde! : )

Dans l’espace «chat» de la salle VIA22, vous êtes invités à utiliser les signes suivants pour faciliter le flot de la conversation :

si vous êtes d’accord WWW
en désaccord – MMM
point technique – TTT
conclusion – #####
pour parler **tour**

Pour recevoir l’information en lien avec le processus VIA22, abonnez-vous au!global-network

Pour rejoindre la liste International Network:


You are invited to add your contact information at the start of this document. : )

Welcome! This is the collective writing space that we will be using in preparation for the March 22nd conversation. This consensual decision was taken during the March 11 conversation in room VIA22 and at which the participants were Daniel in France, Jackie in the United States and François in Quebec (Canada). The form taken by this document depends entirely on its usage by the participants : the languages, the translations, the internet links, the points of discussion are all produced by the few people who will have made contributions in advance and by the participants during the 2013 March 22nd conversation. May this conversation be pleasant and satisfying for everyone! : )

In the VIA22 room chat, you are invited to use the following signs to facilitate the flow of the conversation:

if you agree WWW
disagree – MMM
techincal point – TTT
conclusion – #####
to speak **turn**

To receive information from the VIA22 process, subscribe to!global-network

To join the International Network List:

ES, …



François Genest, Montreal, participations in Occupy, Autonomous Neighbourhood Assemblies, VIA22 process; can translate both ways between English and French; active since 2011; low level of energy, optimistic outlook.

Jackie Splain, rural farm/dairy hill country outside Buffalo, NY. Never an activist before, I had given up hope in all our systems, and thought I would ignore it and happily garden in my time left. After seeing the kids in NYC, OWS grabbed my heart, and I found Occupy Buffalo, then InterOccupy (perfect for people far away from other activists, but with a computer!), helped with Occupy Sandy, and now the NGWG and more and more international mumbles.
Had one year each French, Spanish, so can pick out a few words in print; several years German, so can pick out a few more 😉 love language. love people. so happy to be here!

links to the notes of prior VIA22 conversations

VIA22F conversation :
VIA22J conversation :


Activities linked to VIA22 (through participants)

World Social Forum 2013 (Tunis) : Several participants in the VIA22 process are actively involved in the preparation of workshops for global convergence in Tunis during the Forum. Mumble chats and livestreams are in the works and will allow a limited but invaluable two-way communication with the world outside the forum proper.

links : …

National Gathering (USA) : (Chris, Jackie, Daniel, or any knowledgeable person, please fill this space)

links …
I just created a pirate pad for the National Gathering and mumble info for the time of our Wednesday Maestro Call – late for many – 8 PM ET — rather than take up the room here I will post the link to that pad. Thanks! 🙂


Initiatives that are both local and global (and thus interesting from the VIA22 point of view!)

An omage to Hugo Chavez from Venezuela should be made as he gave Venezuelans what Occupy wants to give the world. Long live Chavez. ¡Chavez Vive La Lucha Sigue! It’s best if there is already an initiative coming from a local network. Are there any from Venezuela or a South American country?

March 17 – Global Square online meeting
March 17 – ISM Global chat
March 20 – NatGat chat
March 22 – World Water Day
April 22 – World Earth Day


Proposal for the flow of conversation on the 22nd of March

Remembering that the NatGat initiative was an important point of discussion during the VIA11-03-13 conversation (see ) and that the WSF in Tunis was an important point of discussion at the Februray 11 conversation (I lost the link to the pad),

I propose that the more structured part of the conversation start with a presentation of the NatGat initiative from participants who are the most knowledgeable about it (see the pad created by Jackie for the March 20 call :, followed by a presentation of the VIA22 activities in Tunis (March 27, 16:00 Tunis/11:00 Eastern; March 28, 13:00 Tunis/ 08:00 Eastern; March 29, 13:00 Tunis/ 08:00 Eastern). And before the conversation becomes unstructured again, it could focus on short presentations of local initiatives by participants.

Sounds good. I’ll put some info here to help streamline the conversation. Chris will have 20 mins, but I will be here the whole time.
Very happy to have an omage to Chavez, and to hear all the plans for WSF – we have two IO compadres going as well.
Francois, I like this line:
Initiatives that are both local and global (and thus interesting from the VIA22 point of view!)
and that is exactly what the national gathering focus will be, or hope to be, local in communities and global in solidarity and networks.

Annex – National Gathering

Subscribe here:
[for other lists, change the end of the url to name of that list]
scroll to where it says:
Subscribing to Ng-2013-global-conv [Ng-2013-name-of-list]
Subscribe to Ng-2013-global-conv by filling out the following form.
I put this as a basic outline of what’s developing so far for NatGat2013

– Fixing Fossil Fuels and Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Future
– Economic and Trade Justice, Equal Access and Ending Corporate “Personhood”, Asserting the People’s Sovereignty
– Ending War and Our Police State, Building Peace and Cooperation
– Making and Supporting Free, Unfettered Media

Why Kalamaz00
– how Kalamazoo was picked – The Oil Spill – 6th Meanest city in the Nation
– sustainable answers
Bike Gen Theatre, Build a Park, Homeless bill of rights, Tar Sands,
– Housing, Travel, logistics

Summer Tour of Change – (travel)
– June 8th ( Unfuck the World) – Travelling Carnival
Caravan – 2-3 weeks before
– Occupy Sandy Drive – Rolling Jubilee tour – Community highlight/ Alternative media

Global Conversation
– Earthday to August 22nd ( call for build april-may, may -june, june -july) (jay from Gathr?)

We had 33 people from as far away as Hawaii, Miami, Nova Scotia, Vancouver n our call Wed. night, and 6, Carminda, Montreal, Tenura in Spain on mumble connected to the call.
It was exciting to have people outside the US on the Maestro call. It has been hard or expensive phone calls before. Many people also signed up for email lists to go with the different areas to begin to organize.

Interoccupy is supporting NatGat2 and can provide email lists if you find you want them for new groups working on this. Anyone can post an Update on the NatGat2 Hub,, as well as post the minutes of meetings and calendar events. I am always available for help with the hubs.

We invite you to participate in any way you choose to create community and change locally, while educating about the global impact of all our local needs. The more we talk and organize, the greater our voice will be.

Annexe – Forum social mondial à Tunis

Organisation de l’extension des 3 activités via Mumble

Rappel contact
Rappel horodatage
Décalage horaire France-Tunis : aucun
Décalage horaire Canada-Tunis : 6 heures
Décalage horaire autres localisations : consulter Google par ex :
Activité 1 : 27 mars de 16h à 18H30 (heure Tunis)
Activité 2 : 28 mars de 13H à 14H30 (heure Tunis)
Activité 3 : 29 mars de 13H à 14H30 (heure Tunis)
Rappel méthodologique
La méthodologie repose sur une hybridation de world café et de forum ouvert : après un temps court en plénière, il y a répartition autour de tables proposées par les co-organisateurs et de tables proposées par les participants. Un petit temps plénier à la fin donne les idées clés issues des tables.
Voir en fin de texte les questions envisagées pour les tables. Pour alléger le temps de plénière vous pouvez dés maintenant nous remettre vos suggestions éventuelles de tables.
La participation est ouverte à l’expression des collectifs en tant que tels et aux personnes.
Elle peut être collective (dans un lieu de rassemblement) ou individuelle (de chez soi par exemple).
Moyens à mettre en oeuvre
Dans le cas des lieux collectifs, il ya lieu de prévoir autant d’ordinateurs que de tables auxquelles on compte participer.
Tout ordinateur, de préférence récent, doit être équipé d’un micro d’ambiance (éventuellement avec casque pour l’écoute pour les participations individuelles).
Dans le cas des lieux collectifs, il faut prévoir un haut parleur par ordinateur à positionner assez loin du micro d’ambiance de façon à éviter l’effet Larsen. Il importe de faire le réglage sonore AVANT le début de l’atelier. Le haut parleur doit être positionné assez fort mais pas trop (surtout si le lieu participe à plusieurs tables). Bien sûr, autant que possible, il faut espacer les ordinateurs.
Configuration et salles Mumble
Pour charger Mumble : (peut-être aussi chargé à partir d’autres sites)
Label : Occupii
Server :
Port : 64738
Nickname : votre nom ou pseudo avec votre localisation (ville)
La salle pour les temps en plénière (début et fin de l’activité) est :
FSMoccupy general
Pour des raisons de maîtrise technique, certaines tables de Tunis ne seront pas « mumblisées » ; les trois salles Mumble auxquelles seront affectées trois tables sont :
FSMoccupy table1
FSMoccupy table2
FSMoccupy table3
Affectation de tables aux salles Mumble Des participants à Tunis participeront aussi à ces trois tables.
La salle « FSMoccupy général » pourra être utilisée pour une table spécifiquement « Mumble » (sans participant à Tunis).
Pour éviter de prendre trop de temps plénier pour affecter les salles (les paramètres étant les désidérata des participants, une répartition à peu prés étale entre tables et les contraintes linguistiques), il est vivement recommandé de nous faire part avant de vos désidérata.
Pour passer d’une salle à l’autre, il suffit de faire glisser l’icône représentant un bouche accolée à son nom dans la salle choisie.
On espère que la connexion via Internet sera bonne, d’autant plus que Mumble (audio) est évidemment moins consommateur de bande passante que skype (video) par exemple.
Si toutefois des problèmes survenaient qui mettraient Tunis « out » de la connexion, les participants extérieurs à Tunis sont invités à utiliser les 4 salles en autonomie (Peut être il serait intéressant d’acheter une carte téléphonique sur place qui permette une connection internet indépendant du sommet. Ainsi, nous pourrons assurer la liaison avec les 4 salles). Il faudra alors que chaque table « mumblisées hors Tunis » effectue une synthèse à communiquer à l’adresse de contact ou si possible à 19h (par Mumble). Dans ce cas, Paris est responsable du pilotage des tables « hors Tunis ». Les lieux ou personnes responsables des activités 2 et 3 seront annoncées lors de l’activité 1 et par mail.
Pour les non familiarisés avec Mumble (et même pour les autres), il est vivement recommandé de tester avant : dimanche de 20H à 22H, une permanence sera assurée.
Tables envisagées par les co-organisateurs
1- Encourager le partage d’expériences
– Partagez des actions dont vous êtes fiers/ votre plus grande réussite/l’originalité de vos actions
– En quoi nos luttes se ressemblent ?
– Quels sont vos rêves pour l’action?/Nos rêves communs pour l’action?
– Quels sont les plus grands défis ou obstacles auxquels nous faisons face dans nos actions/pour construire un monde meilleur ?
– Quelle est la relation entre l’espace (le lieu physique) et le mouvement qui l’occupe et les relations humaines qui s’y développent ?

2- Encourager le réseautage/réflexion collective sur la nécessité de convergence
– Pourquoi le réseautage international est important?
– Pourquoi la convergence entre nos actions est importante?/ quel intérêt avons-nous à nouer des relations avec des mouvements internationaux ?
– Quelles sont vos expériences concrètes en termes de réseautage ou de convergence ? Comment avez vous relevé les défis?
– Comment créer une convergence solide et durable entre les acteurs des différents mouvements sociaux autour du monde ?
– Quelles actions concrètes pouvons-nous mettre en place ensemble pour construire un monde meilleur ? ”

3- Envisager ensemble la suite
– Comment envisageriez vous un processus de convergence entre les différents mouvements sociaux, qui puisse être durable
– De quelle façon pourriez-vous participer à un processus de convergence, après le FSM
– Comment (ou par quels moyens) pouvons-nous nous entraider à distance?
– Comment renforcer les liens : entre les mouvements/entre les gens
– Comment vivre le paradoxe humain au sein de la collectivité, entre l’idéal et la réalité ?
– Quelle peut être la place du geste artistique et de l’échange créatif dans le rapprochement des cultures ? ”
– Que pouvons-nous faire ensemble?

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