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contact information of the participants:

François Genest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Jackie Splain, Western NY, USA
@netdruide : Daniel Pallier, Brest, France


Welcome to this collaborative writing space. It has been created to facilitate sharing links and taking notes during the 2013 March 11 talk of the VIA22 global convergence experience.

In the VIA22 room chat, you are invited to use the following signs to facilitate the flow of the conversation:

if you agree WWW
disagree – MMM
techincal point – TTT
conclusion – #####
to speak **turn**

To receive information from the VIA22 process, subscribe to!global-network

To join the International Network List:

Prior to the talk, François wrote this:

As part of my preparation for this conversation, I crated this workspace and humbly submit it to the other participants as a extension to the conversation and as a way to keep a record of links and important points to remember. It is my experience that proposing an agenda beforehand introduces a huge bias in the conversation and I would like to keep as much room as possible for free conversation during the talk. Therefore, I will put in writing what I think is important for me (I point out and ackowledge the local and personal bias of my perspective) to remember from previous conversations. Going backwards, here are the links to the previous conversations and work that has been done under the name of the VIA22 collaborative process :

VIA22F conversation :

(chosen exerps)

inspired by the student protest movement in Quebec in the Spring of 2012 – called for national actions on the 22 of each month- the beauty was no need to decide on a date – everyone knew – many spontanteous actions, big demonstrations; people from many groups – Mexico – that is the origin of the V process – no set a priori definition
the intent is to help people communciate and to share their different struggles

historically we did an open forum on Oct. 22, as the temps dropped we concentrated on building this global conversation since the fall. the intent is really to help sharing tactics with emphasis on creativity – encouraged

ongoing and coming global conversations/event

Cartographers of the Future – we had our first meeting about 20 days ago – around 60 people here form 22 countries contact Geraldo skype:gerald161

Convergence of movements at the World Social Forum – contact Carminda

Global Squares initiative

Earthday event april 22nd, and continuing toward national convergences – april 22 – plant an actual seed in the ground to renew the earth
seed of communciation – allow people in small communities to come together to have a dinner, music, festive atmosphere and then have a conversation
environment human rights social justice and how we can take steps to make countries more reflective to its people – what we hope is begin this convo on Earth Day and then moving to state communciations and then all the way until August leading to a national and global conversation with us in different areas doing this together and then using our technology to communciate with each other. the people are the glue, more than the technology contact Chris – we list every physical occupation that exists – more and more we should include groups, not just -physical places
anyone can add data – some of the data is outdated – creative ways to
start to tag things: enviromental, justice, social justice, food justice
hope to make the editing portion easier – contact Thiago

VIA22J conversation :

Participation by Yo Soy 132, Chicago86, Idle No More

Documents of interest for Occupy National Gathering 2013 and Earth Day, Global Days of solidarity:

2013 Proposal of Endorsement – Final Draft (need permission)-should be ok now – shared

Earth day april 22nd – 2013 – requested access for this one

Global Days–h7_6DlPTkS7DEYYYp1Ygnl3KTEI/edit

NatGat2013 Doc Dump

Jackie’s purpose today is to find out if we should, could use the Via22 meeting to launch the NatGat international conversation, or find another day or time.
We are having a big launch call on InerOccupy Maestro on March 20 @ 8 PM ET



Jackie Occupy Buffalo, InterOccupy, National Gathering in August, big call on March 20 at 8pm, international launch with the VIA22 meeting on March 22nd.

Daniel would like to write something on NatGat and the initiatives like that to inform people in France what is happening in the States, less

March 20th InterOccupy Global Call : Jackie will send a page that indicates how to connect internationaly. Possible to connect via mumble.

Via22 meeting

Concert tour by Unfuck the World : teach-ins, conversations


Bienvenue dans cet espace d’écriture collaborative. Il a été créé pour faciliter le partage de liens et la tenue de notes pendant la conversation du 11 mars 2013 de l’expérience de convergence globale VIA22.

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