NatGat2Kzoo Launch Maestro Call 20 March

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Planning for Global Conversation and Convergence in solidarity with the Occupy National Gathering in Kalamazoo, Michigan, 21-25 August 2013

Below is a post to share with a lot of information. I am not sure of the mumble configuration – it is the occupycoordination server, and NatGat2 room (or channel?).

We will also be joining the Via22 mumble on Friday, March 22 @ Noon ET, 4 PM GMT

Please Share!
Join us Wednesday night at 8 PM ET to continue to plan and develop the National Gathering this year.

We will be forming working groups and ask for your input and your help moving forward. We wish to include grass roots, alternative medias , rights, advocacy, unions, artists, and more to make this a gathering for all who wish to make a better tomorrow.

This year the national Gathering is hyper-local and global in focus. We envision days of concerted worldwide actions focused on very local issues that expose those local issues as part of the worldwide fight against systemic injustice. We will be in solidarity with Via 22 actions each month beginning with Earth Day April 21-22. We will gather and share this worldwide action through all the media tools and networks we continue to build through voluntary people power.

We already have networks on board with these broad areas of interest and welcome and need your suggestions, participation and contributions:.
1. Fixing Fossil Fuels and Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Future.
2. Economic and Trade Justice, Equal Access and Ending Corporate “Personhood”, Asserting the People’s Sovereignty.
3. Making and Supporting Free, Unfettered Media.
4. Ending War and Our Police State, Building Peace and Cooperation.
5. Renew Kalamazoo and your community. Homeless Bill of Rights.

What issues effect your local community and the worldwide community? Network solidarity events locally, regionally, nationally, globally. Together, A Better World Is Possible!

To connect to Maestro Calls for free internationally please see:
New access point to MaestroConference events (for Windows users)
free while in beta. need computer and headset.

We will also be experimenting with hosting a mumble meeting that will enable you to be on mumble and hear the call. The normal signals for turn and WWW will be used on mumble and be relayed to the call, and you can speak normally when the one mumble mic is turned on from the conference call. Come help us test it.

Password: occupy
Port: 64738
Label: NatGat2

More Info:
Proposal From occupy kalamazoo
2013 Proposal of Endorsement


Occupy Nationl Gathering website –
InterOccupy Hub – OCCUPY NATIONAL GATHERING 2013 – short link

Social Media:
Occupy National Gathering
National Gathering 2013 in Kalamazoo planning group
Occupy Caravan?


#NatGat2 #natgat2 #NatGat2013 #natgat2013

Email Lists
NatGat2013 Main list:





Summer Tour

Global Conversation

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or Subscribe here:

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Contact Info
email, jackie at or
Chris at

19 March
Looking forward to continuing to talk and support each other. A better world is possible!

20 March
Hi all! We are about ready to start – here is the agenda for the call or we can just take notes in here:
notes will be added to the agenda – can access later.
Introductions – 15 min,

Convergences- 3 min each
– Fixing Fossil Fuels and Creating an Environmentally Sustainable Future
– Economic and Trade Justice, Equal Access and Ending Corporate “Personhood”, Asserting the People’s Sovereignty
– Ending War and Our Police State, Building Peace and Cooperation
– Making and Supporting Free, Unfettered Media
( Kalamazoo issues covered in Why Kalamazoo)
– Q&A, poll for working groups

Why Kalamaz00 – 3 min each
– how Kalamazoo was picked (Chris)
– The Oil Spill (Autumn)
– 6th Meanest city in the Nation (Mouse)
– sustainable answers (Rick)
Bike Gen Theatre, Build a Park, Homeless bill of rights, Tar Sands,
– Housing, Travel, logistics
– Q&A, poll for working groups

Global Conversation – 15
– Earthday to August 22nd ( 5 min) ( call for build april-may, may -june, june -july) (jay from Gathr?)
– Aug 21st call for solidarity for Meditation, and mediation
– Aug 22nd Bank Transfer day, Global Conversation begins
– Aug 23rd Call for strike, ( with community supported actions)
– Aug 24th Global CELEBRATION ( Concerts, pots n pans, fun events)
– Aug 25th Global March for Peace,
– Q&A, poll for working groups

Summer Tour of Change – (travel) 15 min
– June 8th ( Unfuck the World) (5 min) ( Maike)
Travelling Carnival
Caravan – 2-3 weeks before
– Occupy Sandy Drive
– Rolling Jubilee tour
– Community highlight/ Alternative media
– Q&A, poll for working groups

next steps:

Link to Website Forms
Working group listservs – see NatGat2 Hub Updates::

Remind folks about Maestro training and need for facilitators and TAs going forward.

Ongoing Agenda & Notes

22 March Via22 meeting:
Jackie, Nicole, Chris, Ternura, Carminda, Francois, Denis, Alex, Pat, Daniel, Mar, Sacajueabcn, attended Via22 mumble meeting. See pad for discussion:
will meet again Via11 in time for Earth Day Plans

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