Via11 Meeting

VIA11-03-13 contact information of the participants: François Genest, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Jackie Splain, Western NY, USA @netdruide : Daniel Pallier, Brest, France EN Welcome to this collaborative writing space. It has been created to facilitate sharing links … Continue reading

Next VIA22 Global Assembly/ RAPPEL Prochaine Assemblée Globale VIA22/RECORDATORIA Próxima Asamblea Global VIA22

Next VIA22 Global Assembly of VIA22, to encourage a long term dialogue between social movements, people involved with the civil society, and all those who want to work for the respect of the integrity of human being and the earth
There will be information presented by the Occupy National Gathering Work Group. NatGat2 will have a global focus! Continue reading

Chicago86 (Italy)

We are workers, tired of self-defeating the turn of events, we are undergoing in the work places and trade-unions (confederations or alternatives ones), therefore we have decided to start a website, aiming for the formation of a committee to help coordinate the workers in struggle.
VIA22 Global Assembly – January 22nd, 2013 Continue reading