Minutes of Aug 18th Occupy/15M/Indigné International Network Meeting

 contact email dinamization12M15M@gmail.com
 Last meeting minutes (30July)  http://titanpad.com/agendajuly30
A1. Introduction to the meeting (mic check, process/work dynamics, tasks and agenda agreement)
A2. introducing participants 
A3. Info points (sharing offcial updates from your assembly WG)
  • For the international Newsletter Take the Square for now send information to vicaolsx@gmail.com. We will be setting up a specific email address soon.
  • REMINDER: Banner and space is free to ALL occupy events at http://www.occuworld.org/, meets, sites, etc.. contact @ghostofzigz with your 780px X 152px banner image and link. 🙂 he makes HUGE effort to spread!!! and does a good work
  • In the interests of increasing global organizational tools, Tech Ops in NYC have done some upgrading to the world map which includes contact information. There are currently 1.444 listed occupations worldwide. Please, all are welcome to view and update: http://test.directory.occupy.net/world-map
A4. Proposals
1. To organize a European joint mobilization against Global Debt that combines the different struggles against budget cuts, privatization, nationalizing banks, etc:
The Paris’ Assembly opted by consensus for a triple watchword for the global action day of October (13O)
They propose the following themes:
– Opposition to budget cuts
– Cancellation of the illegitimate and obnoxious debt, whether it is our or the one that the other countries owe us
– Rewrite the rules of the game in a democratic and popular way
=) MA from Madrid says that there is already a global call : http://cadtm.org/For-joint-actions-around-the-Greek
But this call is not clear about the abolition of debt
=) the proposal of participants is that the assembly of Paris will explain why to say that we want the cancellation of illegitimate debt and not only an audition (which is the position of the global call that already exists).
From the working group preparing 22S and 13-14-15O in Madrid:
the proposal that the demo on the 13O would be an international one against debt
“We don’t owe! We won’t pay!”, No debemos, No pagamos 
Global Actions against Debt and Austerity during the Global Week of Action against Debt and IFIs. This year coincides with the 25th anniversary of the death of Thomas Sankara, President of Burkina Faso, killed (among other issues) for opposing to payment of debt.
=) MA from Madrid will send the call  from Madrid when ready.
From Barcelona:
debt platform, dry, madrilonia, have decided to go for the 13O as the day of demonstration against debt (comunicating by Meg in a telephone call)
From London:
Occupy London have been building ideas around actions and events for Oct 2012 with a prime focus around tax and tax havens contacted Tax Justice Network and war on Want
The Occupy London General Assembly approved to have three days of action from the 13th to the 15th of October and to take part in the Global Noise action. The themes of the days of action have not been yet defined but there is talk about focusing on Debt.
Weekly #Globalnoise meeting took place on Fri 17th, more assemblies joining https://www.facebook.com/globalNOISE and the date that we are using for the Global day of action is 13O-but promoting a week of #GlobalNoise from 12O-20O. France is very active in #GlobalNoise https://www.facebook.com/globalNOISE
Asamblea popular del #15m Betanzos will make a #globalnoise action on 13oct
called #ruidoglobal in solidrity with occupy /indignados/ 15m movements worldwide, focus on the idea of “you´re not isolated, you´re the movement”, it will be a NOISEdemo , they´re trying  to contact neighbors to make noise from their balconies, and other small asamblies on their zone
Discussion about how to facilitate a common space of information: a website could be organized with open access to the assemblies to post their updates and planned actions. M. propose a 12 to 20th of October actions in the world website with a map where assemblies can post their actions and calls
Big discussion on how to get the map The map of DRY almost ready to be used agin for this purpose, launching in Sept
Presentation of Etika Mondo –> http://www.etikamondo.org : world map online where all ethical initiatives can suscribe in order to show to people everywhere the change is and to permit to projects to exchange ideas and good practices => join local solutions with occupation
There is a big discussion about horizontality and common methodology as direct participation. And more how can we share good practises
S. is proposing to use Occupy wiki http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/Time_line and takes the responsibility of launching a call in the take the square mailing lists  for a media/tech group
2. To coordinate the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE 18th October + Nov.14-21 on the ISM platform: http://ism-global.net/global_education_strike
Spread the information about the important mumble meeting on Aug 19th (11am EST, 3pm UTC, 5pm CET, 8.30pm IST): http://ism-global.net/chat_aug19
Pad to collect tops and put down notes during the meeting: https://pad.riseup.net/p/chat.aug19 (feel free to contribute)
Mo invites to participate to the mumble meeting held tomorrow
Basis for the Global Education Strike (GES):
international joint statementhttp://ism-global.net/international_joint_statement +
If groups join send an email to united.for.education@gmail.com or to the global ISM mailing list (don’t worry if comes back, the message will arrive to the list): international_students_movement@lists.riseup.net
to stay connected and participate in coordinations for the GES subscribe to the global ISM mailing list: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/international_students_movement
3. From France/Brussels/Spain, there is a large mobilization “Occupy Fake Democracy during the EU/World Democracy forum For who wants and can, what about the possibility to meet us in Strasbourg between October 5th/11th, in order to exchange about:
– dynamization
– debt
– democracy (doing a benchmark about our experiences)
It might be possible organize some meeting in streaming/mumble in order to facilitate the participation
Safety place where to sleep
There is a march to Starsburg from the 2nd of September
4. to organize globally 12 october indignant Native People day- pueblos originarios indignados Global day
supported by: politicainternacional15m@gmail.com, americalatinaindignada@yahoo.es
in Latin America for sure there will be a lot of initiative and they are working to connect themselves and with other countries at this link:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmericaLatinaIndignada/ Madrid is organizing a disarmed march and a gathering with cultural events about the native people
5. to carry on in organizing our participation to Sept 14 – 16 Milan
Preparing “FLORENCE 10+10” (8-11 november)
to collect proposals from Occupy/15M http://titanpad.com/4jprEmuljb
Milan on September 14th-16th, to take part in the European meeting aiming to prepare together “Florence 10+10”. The meeting will start on Friday 14th at 5.00 p.m. and it will finish on Sunday 16th at 1.00 p.m.
Jason is coordinating the italian node and is participating to different SF and is presenting the Florence 10+10. The idea is to converge forces. There is a preparatory meeting in Milan.
Ma inform of the meeting an the pad for proposals http://titanpad.com/4jprEmuljb
J proposed an open online meeting and Ma proposes a meeting in Mumble for the 16th at 18:00 CET time
J will send all the information to dinamization12M15M@gmail.com to 
M propose to stream the Milan meeting too
6. 1Dec
project of international mobilisation against precarity, unemployment, sufferance at work (assembly of Paris)
they will be in Madrid in the Agora 99
please put contact of groups from all over: need contact to prepare the workshop with people from different countries
T propose to stream the madrid agorà
7.  Antifracking global day 22nd of September
supported by:   politicainternacional15m@gmail.com 
Geert De Cock: @fweurope.org   
Gabriella Zanzanaini: gzanzanaini@fweurope.org et
In France, several actions are planned :
– a gathering on the 22th of september at Tournan-en-Brie (Seine et Marne in the Parisian Region),
– a gathering in the south of France at Alès (Gard) on 22S
– a symbolic action on 22S in Paris itself at the occasion of the inauguration of the first derrick in Paris.
There will be also
– a call to mobilization at the occasion of the environmental conference organized by the French government on the 14th of september
– action of popular education at the occasion of the national day of patrimony in France on the 15th of september
The assembly of Paris does not (yet) participate to this actions but they will see in september
8. Solidarity with Syria.  there will be a demo tomorrow in Madrid (organized by the platform of support of Siria) There will be a meeting in late august in Paris (31th of August) to allow people from the assembly to work in this issue, better understand what is happening in Syria, and maybe take a position. There maybe after a more opened debate in Paris with other networks.
There will be an open debate in Madrid in September. We will talk about it in 29th September in the meeting against war in Mumble, Open Space at 20:00 CET.
9. Solidarity with Pussy Riot, Assange and Captain Paul Watson, Brad Maning (political oppressed people…)http://www.change.org/freepussyriot
10. Agora 99 Meeting occupy/15M in Madrid 2-4 november 
Encuentro en Madrid de las redes y movimientos  de toda Europa y zona mediterránea   para hablar de Deuda, Democracia, y Derechos
Contacto:  madrid99agora@99agora.net
From Frankfurt to Madrid
next organizing meeting in Madrid on the  7th of September h19,30
A5.Next meetings
8th September : next meeting in Mumble/openspace at 18:00 utc/GMT time
16 september 4pm UTC time  during the preparatory meeting in Milan Mumble/Occupy/openspace
29 September antiwar meeting Mumble/openspace at 18:00 UTC time
A6. Internet working group launching
We discuss about how to activate the task of informatic internet technical ressources as webpage, maps, … and SalvaE gets the task of spreading the call for settling a working group to gather people with skills on it.
We use as a reference site provisionally the wiki of occupy-> http://wiki.occupy.net
There are people who is reluctant to work in platforms where is mandatory to sign up. The wiki of occupy is gonna be contacted so it can be edited without necessity of loggin in.
Version in the wiki of Occupy -> http://wiki.occupy.net/wiki/18_august_2012