LA MASACRE DE Ayotzinapa-MEXICO-: Crimen de Estado-SOLIDARIZATE.FIRMA LA PETICION.CORREO AL PIE. Ayotzinapa-MEXICO-: Crimen de Estado-

A todos y todas les pedimos estar atentos a las acciones que promoveremos en los próximos días; además, llamamos a participar en todo tipo de acciones de resistencia civil pacífica que desde la sociedad civil se vienen impulsando. Las actividades, que por nuestra parte promoveremos, serán anunciadas en la página, el correo y el Facebook de la Constituyente. Continue reading

NEW REPORT: NO FRACKING WAY How the EU-US Trade Deal Risks Expanding Fracking in Europe and the US

A trade deal between the EU and the US risks opening the backdoor for the expansion of fracking in Europe and the US, reveals a new report released today [1]. As part of the deal currently being negotiated, energy companies could be allowed to take governments to private arbitrators if they attempt to regulate or ban fracking and the dangerous exploitation of unconventional fossil fuels. Campaigners are urging the EU not to include such rights in trade deals. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE: International protest against criminalization of homelessness in Hungary

We invite our friends all over the world to join our struggle against the criminalisation of homelessness in Hungary. The 2010 election brought a comprehensive authoritarian and punitive turn in Hungary: constitutional democracy was essentially abolished; labour rights were curtailed; entitlement to welfare benefits was restricted and a harsh workfare regime was implemented; asylum-seekers became subject to an unjustifiable detention regime; increasingly severe penal policies were introduced with disproportionate sanctions; the surveillance of state employees was authorised on an unprecedented scale. Since the transition to capitalism in 1990, the poverty rate and the level of income inequality have never been as high as now. Continue reading