#18O Thank you for taking part of #GlobalNoise please let us keep working together

Greetings comrades,
We want to thank you for participating of the global cacerolazo #GlobalNoise

Reports of the action worldwide http://live.globalnoise.net/live-updates/ and http://live.globalnoise.net/

It is our intention to continue working together. For that reason we invite you to a meeting tomorrow Fri 19th Oct aimed to evaluate the action and perhaps to plan further collaborations?
The instructions to connect remotely to this international meeting can be found here: http://www.globalnoise.net/meetings/.

But as you know the Global Week of action is not over,

Today, October 18, marks the Global Day of Action to RECLAIM EDUCATION — Direct Democracy NOW! more details here
The joint statementĀ  in many languages here
and theĀ HASHTAG for today is #1world1struggle

Today #18O there is also the #GlobalNoise action in Brighton

Besides, many would like to follow and support the General strike in Greece http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-19986804

Moreover, in Spain it is the 3rd day of Education Strike, plus a Health Services strike!

In case you can not join the meeting tomorrow but it is your intention to take the most out of this great opportunity to coordinate internationally, please send us a message, our contact email is dinamization12M15M@gmail.com

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