[sws_2_column title="" rightmargin="20px"]take the square logo We’re known as 15M, Occupy, 15O. We’re related to the Arab Spring and movements as 20F. We are people in squares all around the world, from Madrid to Tel Aviv, from New York to Rio and Tunis, we share strategies and information to extend the pacific revolution and coordinate global actions. We communicate with a mailing list as our main media. You can sign up here. Also via http://webchat.freenode.net, look for the channel #takethesquare. You can find all the information about us in our social network where you can integrate, for example: The worldmap of 15O actions in 2012 Or the list of contacts Or list of platforms Join the international assemblies using Mumble. Follow the set-up directions here. Participate on the construction of the next global mobilization, discuss the date, the events, the strategy, make it yours. Some help in order to be successful in your local protest here or in our archive center where you can find a lot of documentation. Source: https://n-1.cc/pg/pages/view/801083 How to connect http://mumble.tomalaplaza.net/?lang=en Server: tomalaplaza.net Channel: "International" This is the list of events programmed for the international network of indignados/Occupy/OWS. Please contribute by adding events of Global Interest to the list International Road to Dignity 2.0. | dinamization12m15m@gmail.com | (507) 246-6473[/sws_2_column] [sws_2_columns_last title=""][sws_ui_tabs ui_theme="ui-smoothness" size="100%"][tabs_panel title="All News"][social-media-mashup count="10"][/tabs_panel][/sws_ui_tabs][/sws_2_columns_last]