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Start a Hub on InterOccupy

Do you want to work on a coordinated project, campaign or action with people around the world, country or in your region? allows you to use a set of organizing tools for coordinating large-scale projects easily for greatest impact and reach. You can start a hub for organizing your project either with or without a recurring call on InterOccupy.

Using a Hub on Interoccupy, all the people working on your project will be able to stay connected and well-informed. You will also be able to submit updates about your project, which will get posted to the InterOccupy Newswire. And, you will be able to manage a calendar for your Hub, which will also be included in the full InterOccupy Calendar.

If you aren’t ready to start a full hub yet, then you may want to Request a One-Time Call first. We will announce your call in our weekly newsletter and on the calendar. Having a one time call is a great way to jumpstart your project, and see if others will want to join in what you are doing.


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