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Request a Call on InterOccupy with Maestroconference

Request a one-time or recurring call on InterOccupy. If you are requesting a recurring call, please also Start a Hub where you will be able to post ongoing minutes and updates from your call.


Call Scheduling Guidelines

  • Call requests must be made 7 days in advance of the call. If you must have a call sooner than that please email with a brief description of your circumstances. We will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Urgent or emergency calls can be requested with a shorter timeline.
  • For recurring calls, please first request to Start a Hub on InterOccupy. This will help us keep your calls and hub integrated.
  • For recurring calls, InterOccupy will provide a tech assistant to run the Maestro Conference Conductor for the first two calls in a series. For subsequent calls, individuals from the call membership must have taken the Maestro Training Class on Monday nights at 8p ET. Please see our Learn Maestro Page for details and to sign up.
  • If you have any Questions email


InterOccupy’s Role

  • InterOccupy (IO) provides an infrastructure which gives occupations, general assemblies, and working groups and their associates the freedom to communicate and collaborate more easily.
  • InterOccupy is not “organizing” national working groups or positioning itself to speak for Occupy on a national level.
  • While Non Violent Civil Disobedience subjects may be discussed on IO calls and forums (such as Google Groups), no illegal activities should be discussed while using our system.
  • IO bares no responsibility for the quality of the content expressed during calls or in our forums. These are self-directed by those in the movement and are the responsibility of those providing the content.


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