Connect to other Occupations

Connect to Other Occupations through Committees of Correspondence

In an effort to be as efficient as possible with regard to the dissemination of inter-occupation communication, we encourage every Occupation to form an InterOcc Working Group, Committee of Correspondence (CoC) or similar entity. This committee, ideally, would consist of a broad spectrum of working group representatives and others to collectively perform the following functions:


  • Serve as conduits for internal communication to outside occupations including official GA-to-GA communication
  • Maintain an internal directory of working groups and other pertinent personnel contact information so that, should a person(s) or working group within your occupation need to be contacted by an outsider, that information is readily available
  • Coordinate the participation of your Occupation’s involvement in regional conferencing
  • Any other action to aid in Inter-occupation communication.
  • Make your services publicly known so if a working group or individual from your local occupation needs to connect with someone from another city, they know they can come to you for assistance.
  • Publicize pertinent interoccupy calls to the members of your local occupation who would be most interested in the call topic(s).

Please note, these Committees of Correspondence (CoC) are in no way meant to serve as the official spokesperson for your occupation’s GA. Further, CoCs should be transparent, open to everyone, and aid any other efforts by individuals or groups that seemingly fall under the purview of the CoC.

Register your local Committee of Correspondence

To register your CoC with, please fill out the Committee of Correspondence Registration Form.


Connect with a local Committee of Correspondence

If you would like to connect with a local CoC, please take a look through the list below. It contains the official contact information for Inter-Occupation Communication, Committees of Correspondence, and/or Movement Building  working groups from local Assemblies.  The name of the working groups may vary but share one similar function- Inter-Occupation communications and connections.

If you need to contact an individual or working group at a specific location, you are welcome to contact the CoC from that location to see if the committee can help put you in touch with the person you need to speak with.

If you do not see a Committee of Correspondence listed for your location, please assist us by putting us in touch with the proper group in your location.  You can simply send them to this website or have them email us at

If you are a with a Committee of Correspondence and do not see your group listed here, please fill out this form to start connecting with us.

Committees of Correspondence Roster

Albany, NY – – Occupation Website

Austin, TX – – (956) 655-8551 – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Boston, MA – – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Boulder, CO – – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Burlington, VT – – Occupation Website

Columbia, SC – – Occupation Website

Davis, CA – – Occupation WebsiteWorking Group Page

Denver, CO – – (970) 658-0124 – Occupation Website

Fort Collins, CO – – Occupation Website

Corvallis, OR – – (541) 286-5062 – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Greeley, CO – – Occupation Website

Harrisburg PA – – Occupation WebsiteWorking Group Page

Hudson Valley, NY – – Occupation Website

Indianapolis, IN –

Las Vegas, NV – – (702) 478-7605 – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Littleton, CO – (720) 437-9516  – Occupation Website

Los Angeles, CA – – (858) 952-8061 – Occupation WebsiteWorking Group Page

Memphis, TN – – Occupation Website

Nashville, TN – – Occupation Website

New Orleans, LA – – (504) 400-2284 – Occupation WebsiteWorking Group Page

New York, NY (OWS) – – (347) 974-2224 – Occupation WebsiteWorking Group Page

Norfolk, VA – – (757) 298-6787 – Occupation Website

Philadelphia, PA –

Portland, OR – – (530) 413-7450 – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Poughkeepsie, NY – – (845) 418-3573 – Occupation Website

Sacramento, CA – – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Saint Paul, MN – – Occupation Website

San Diego, CA –

San Fernando Valley, CA – – (818) 503-9507 – Occupation Website

St. Louis, MO – – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Tampa, FL – – (567) 343-2769 – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Terre Haute, IN – – (812) 232-3286 – Occupation Website

Tulsa, OK – – (918) 770-9915 – Occupation Website

Vancouver, BC – – (604) 600-2493 – Occupation Website – Working Group Page

Western North Carolina – – Occupation Website

Worcester, MA – – Occupation Website – Working Group Page