InterOccupy Services

Take advantage of the InterOccupy services below to Connect, Collaborate and Organize!


Request a Call

If you would like to request a one-time call, or a recurring call then you should Request a Call. If you are requesting a recurring call, we recommend that you Start a Hub at the same time, where you will be able to post ongoing minutes and updates from your call.


Start a Hub

If you would like to coordinate a project, campaign or action using a recurring conference call and online organizing tools, then you should Start a Hub. This also gives you the ability to post updates to the InterOccupy newswire, host a discussion forum, and more. This is the way to go for a total organizing platform, or simply to have a recurring call on InterOccupy. Here is a list of Current Hubs.


Manage Existing Hub

If you are already organizing using a Hub on InterOccupy, you can Manage Your Existing Hub here. Come to this page to submit requests to InterOccupy admin to make additions or changes to your hub.


Submit to the Newswire

If you are part of a local working group and would like to make an announcement, share a resource, or send a statement to other occupations around the world, or to the general public, then you can Submit to the Newswire. The newswire also highlights updates from the various coordination hubs. Important and exciting information from the newswire will be shared in our weekly newsletter. This is a great way to get the word out about what you are doing, or share resources with others in the movement.


Request a Writer

We have a team of volunteer writers ready to help out with movement-related writing needs. You can Request a Writer to help out with your project. If you are working with an InterOccupy Hub, you can request that a writer provide updates from your Hub, either by joining your call or working with the recording and minutes.


Connect to other Occupations

The Committees of Correspondence are working groups from local occupations that serve as a bridge for communications for the entire movement, and are how you can Connect to Other Occupations. To get in touch with a specific Committee of Correspondence, look for them on our Committee or Correspondence roster. If you would like to form a local Committee of Correspondence and be added to the list, please fill out the Committee of Correspondence Registration Form.