#S17 Anniversary Action Webinar on Firedoglake

GUESTS: Austin Guest, Nina Mehta and Tamara Shapiro

September 17th marks the one year anniversary of the Occupation of Wall Street in Zuccotti Park. Since then city squares around the world have been occupied in the name of social and economic justice. A direct action turned into a movement. To commemorate the events of the past year organizers in New York City and around the country are planning actions to bring the focus of the movement back to its origin, Wall Street. We will be joined by Occupy Wall Street Organizers Austin Guest and Nina Mehta and Tamara Shapiro of InterOccupy.net to discuss S17 in NYC and solidarity actions around the country.

Austin Guest of Occupy Wall Street will break down the Occupy Wall Street two part direct action framework for the morning of September 17th from the “scene of the crime” to showing folks a “world without Wall Street.”

Nina Mehta of Occupy Wall Street will talk about convergence, use of Public and Open Space technologies for education and celebration during the weekend before and on September 17th.

Tamara Shapiro of Interoccupy will go over the solidarity actions around the country from the Human Be-in in SF to Occupy Monsanto in Honolulu, as well as how people around the country can join in.


#S17 Anniversary Action from firedoglake on Vimeo.

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