S15/S16 Weekend Schedule is coming together!

The S17 Education Assembly has come to a basic consensus about the structure, messaging and framework and content for S15 and S16 educational programming (by educational, we mean “spaces of learning that don’t suck”). The group consisted of members of Occupy Town Square (OTS), Occupy Theory, Occupy University, Free University, All in the Red, OWS Orientation, Strike Debt and others.

The framework is for 12pm-4pm on both S15 and S16, and will take place at the OTS, most likely at Washington Square Park. OTS will likely be from 11am-7pm on both days and will possibly provide programming before 12 and after 4. OTS will also provide infrastructure for the two days.

The framework for the weekend programming is called “Education for Liberation.” The intent is to provide a space for empowerment, learning, reflection and joy. It intends to welcome newcomers and passersby, but also create spaces to reflect on the past year and articulate alternatives and solutions to the current system. The framework also balances planning and structure with spontaneity and creativity. A main focus is to ensure that spaces and structures are created to welcome and ensure dialogue with comrades from across the country.



11am-12pm – Welcome and Orientation activities



12pm-2pm – Carnival for the 99%

This space is intended for groups and individuals to plan games, activities and performances that demonstrate and articulate the issues we face, the grievances we have and the lessons from the past year. Activities are encouraged to be creative, interactive and fun! All groups are welcome to plan activities and show up – we welcome autonomous and spontaneous activities

2pm-4pm – Thematic Assemblies

In the coming weeks, in collaboration with working groups, organizations and national Occupies, we will identify a number of key themes of the past year (debt, housing, education, climate, incarceration, immigration, economic justice, money and politics, etc). We will converge at 2pm and then breakout into horizontal, facilitated assemblies around these themes. Those with expertise in these areas are welcome to join and help enrich the discussion.



12pm-2pm – Carnival for the 99%

Similar to Saturday’s activities, except the focus will be on showcasing existing and possible solutions in creative, interactive ways. All groups working on alternatives are invited to demonstrate the work they’ve done and the exciting ideas they have for building a new, sustainable society.

2pm-4pm – Open Assembly

We will converge at 2pm and begin an Open Assembly about solutions and alternatives to the current system. The structure is open and facilitators will determine if breakouts are appropriate in the moment.


4pm-7pm on both days is reserved for other Occupy Town Square activities, Concerts and Direct Action trainings. More details about these will be announced soon from the S17 convergence group.

The following events are tied together in date, but due to the fact that the concert’s time and location are not yet solidified, its date might even potentially shift as permits are secured and planning continues: Spectra Pipeline Assembly, Guitarmy March from West Village to location of concert, 3pm-7pm: Concert Convergence, 7pm: Concert, Casino Night on Wall Street, Citizens United Against Citizens United: Corporate Marry-In Civil Disobedience.

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