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Date(s) - 17/09/2013
2:00 pm

Times Square


Money Warz, a Star Wars parody theater troupe is doing a large scale, media-grab puppet spectacle on S-17, in the heart of Times Square. We are going to “out” the Trans-Pacific Partnership – the wet dream of the 1% – a new “Nafta on steroids”. Everything OWS stands for rises or falls with this. It’s THE global corporate coup.

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Haven’t heard of it? That’s because 600 corporations are drafting it in secret, and members of congress, the media and the public can’t see it.  Monsanto, Koch Industries,  JPMorgan et al., are writing it. Obama just requested “Fast Track” authority to shove this through in OCTOBER!!! That means no debate, no amendment.

We seek 200 volunteer masked performers in Times Square at NOON on S-17 for the spectacle, and following actions at Schumer/Gillibrand’s offices, Pfizer, and will team up with Robin Hood tax folks at Bryant Park.

Join the evil forces of the Didactic Empire – Darth Banker, Emperor Pipeline and the Money Troopers, or the good guys of the Open Alliance, Princess Layed Off, Luke Whistleblower and friends as they steal the TPP Death Star (a fifteen foot tall puppet), and escape in pedicabs with the Money Troopers in hot pursuit. Should be major fun. All Money Troopers volunteers must arrive at Noon (location tba) wearing long sleeve black shirts and long black pants. Contact elliotcrown@earthlink,net to join this serious fun, make history and save the world. This action is a product of S-17 working group planning. Watch out for Ted Hall’s email.