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The following is the text from a international online chat about creating a global education strike. Originally different people’s text was different colors but now it is all one. They are collaborative words from about 15 people from five or more countries as I best remember. If they spark you interest please contact us.

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CALL to ACTION for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE (Oct.18 + Nov.14-21)

The CALL to ACTION should encourage people to get involved in the coordinations for the Global Education Strike and shortly explain what it is about and why it is necessary.


RECLAIM EDUCATION! Global Strike for Education Oct.18 + Nov.14-21

We are all people affected by the increasing commodification and commercialisation of education. It is time for us to unite worldwide!
Why? Because around the world we can observe how tuition fees just like the pressure to perform increase, budget cuts are pushed through, schools and universities de-democratized, while the influence of ‘private economic actors’ increases and an education market and competition between institutions is being facilitated by national states. all over the world the governerments are trying to privatize Education. In June 2012 alone 45 protests in more than 40 cities [http://ism-global.net/protests_worldwide_june2012] were recorded in connection with this struggle.We fight because we want FREE, EMANCIPATORY, PUBLIC Education for all. Education should be, not just according to the some laws, a human right. Everybody should be able to study regardless of his/her social conditions. But that’s not what happens in the real world.
All over the globe we see governements cutting budgets and staff from schools and universities. First they leave the instituons with no money, so they can’t function. After that, the governements give a single solution to the problem they created: privatization. They, after making it impossible for public education to survive, blaim the public system, and say the private market will take good care of our Education. But that’s a lie.
The private market worries about PROFITS. They’re not concerned if students are, or not, learning how to live in a society. They want consumers, not real-life individuals with the power to see the world with his/her own eyes and criticize what’s wrong with the neighbourhood,the city, the globe. And that way of putting education has a name and a surname: the capitalist system and the neoliberalism.
This has gone beyond just education and everyone should join in with the students fight,this is about all of our rights and we must all fight. Corporations are taking over goverments we did not elect them we must make our voices heard.

We are witnessing more than just a collapse of our educational institutions but a collapse in respect for the young people of the world. We are being mechanized to function as a cog in the capitalist machine. Programmed to compete with our fell on every level. Our creativity, our energy and our free spirits are activly being crushed by our educational institutions. We need an education system that cultivates creativity and collaberation with our brothers and sisters.


WHY strike together GLOBALLY?
People worldwide are struggling against:
Increasing privatisation and commercialisation of education
De-democratisation within schools and universities
Hikes in (tuition) fees
Increasing pressure to perform
Increasing influences of ‘private economic actors’ on teaching and research
against cuts in the educational system — Massive staff cuts and budget cuts
western imperialist notions of education< YES!

Let's connect and unite in the struggle for FREE EMANCIPATORY EDUCATION!
To fight for alternatives and resist such effects from the current economic system together, participants of previous global chat meetings believe it is time to call for a first coordinated strike at educational institutions across the world in history.
To strengthen the struggle on the local and regional level, this coordination would encourage a desperately needed public discussion on the actual purpose of education for the individual as well as for the society at large.
It would also point out the global dimension of the struggle and therefore put greater emphasis on the actual roots of the problems we are all experiencing.
We must call for a global strike and encourage all to join the old, the young, students ,unions, workers ,all must get involved and say enough! before we lose it all! If privatization fails to deliver affordable, quality services the
GATS will make it very difficult to get services back into public hands. GATS _ general agreement on trade in services (this is a world wide problem! ) goverments and corporations due not want education to be at the top of priorities,they have there own hidden agendas!

Aspects to be included in the CALL to ACTION (please contribute):

Reclaiming Education, Reclaiming our Lives – Getting Organized for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE !!! <- header?

mentioning recent protest and resistance activities related to the struggle against the increasing commercialisation/commodification of education and for free emancipatory education in the world (linking to the overview of education protests worldwide in June 2012: http://ism-global.net/protests_worldwide_june2012
pointing out why the form of action (striking) is necessary (functions of educational institions within the capitalist system and the national state; e.g. human capital, knowledge production, education factories)
explain why it is necessary to connect and unite globally (forces of capitalism are global due to pressure to remain competitive on the global level; bringing people involved in the struggle around the world together;…)

Make the reasons of the protest as clear as we can and find many requests that will be similar for the countriew all over the world.
#globalNOISE, if you join it, maybe 1-2 lines.
it is crucial to clearly define the importance of education as a public good under public responability! Why are we fighiting? for what?
idetify the stakeholders to be addressed
Being that we are coordinating a global education strike, we should present the tactics of the strike to everybody involved. e.g. How would the global strike respond to partial negotiations? Is it negotiation for all or none? Are we going to hold our ground in our localities demanding free emancipatory education for the other countries, even if by some miracle we achieve free emancipatory education in our localities?
..we must point out to people what is neo-liberalism! and that this is world wide
^^ as respose I think that negotiations could be fruitful even if we don't get "all" – 1. they can create a sense of victory within the movement, 2. they can make life better in a small way- I think the key thing with compromise or trying to change the systems of education is that each step must be part of a larger plan of the total reconstruction instead of a compromise that creates more reliance on the corrupt systems
point out that tax-payers always payed for education, and now the money from taxes are being stolen from the education ministers.
Fight against the misinformation in the mass media about the student movements and it's goalsyes, they must be ritualistically discredited
Points of methods: A. the call out shouldn't be pages long; B. we should divide the work load to build a good list for diffusing/disseminating it
In Hamburg and Berlin we will try to connect our protest so that the goal will be biger and the message stronger – we want to occupy youthhouses and playgrounds for example – may we can manage that with occupying schools – I hope we can manage something in this two cities, than in Hamburg I have no clue how much power we have to do/mange this but I will give my best
point of order: thematic organization carries more powerful message. perhaps we can find several overall themes herein? like what? education?locus of struggles, unifying actions of the past, neoliberal global agenda? it's all here already, i'm speaking only of format
Training vs. Education: we want to be educated about the interconnectedness of people, planet, technology, politics, etc.; we do not wish to be merely trained to be a producer and consumer. If we are truly educated, then that will breed a new generation of mature, well-informed critical thinkers that can ask the right questions in order to comprehensively solve local and global issues
We should call for Free education as a gift to next generation. Students should be able to study without collecting so much debts, and pay for it later, when they are actually working…
Here in Brazil we fight for dignity. The main reason of our strike (all Federal Universitys are on strike – students, teachers and workers) for 10% of the country money invested in Public Education. And the stryke it's not only because of the teacher's salary (they began the movement), but for better learnig-teaching conditions.
Could we start with the Joint Statement as a base to do the redaction? Add a few words about the struggles worldwide today, enhance the aspects that people here have underlined (because I think we find them pretty much all of them in the Joint Statement)
emphasis on the need for truly global unity in response to truly global problem. Here Here
One aspect of the universal nature of our struggle is a point that my friend brought up. He said that the oppression that many of us feel in the university systems is part of a larger oppression of young people in general. It is part of a system that has been socializing us into people that think inside of boxes and listen to orders without question. That crushes our natural creativity and yearning for learning. Occupy addressed this perfectly: "Childhood is not a Disorder."
I am a graphic designer and woud like to work on the design team to make this call to action very powerful visually to complement the words that come out of this convo -this excellent!!
I think that we need to have a clear understanding/definition of what global solidarity in the form of education, can look like