Support the workers at Verizon!
Attend one of the weekly leafletings at the 34th St Verizon Wireless Store!

Every Tuesday 5-7pm
Every Thursday 5-7pm
34th Street Wireless Store
(between 6th and 7th Ave)

Today it’s open season on labor in New York City. Companies across the board are waging a full scale attack against pensions in particular, as well as other benefits that should be guaranteed to all workers. Right now the focus must be on Verizon, a company whose workers have been working without a contract since a strike last summer. The company is insistent on demanding huge concessions. As another CWA strike looms, community involvement in pushing back against the company is needed.

Leafletting and picketing outside Verizon Wireless stores was one of the most effective tactics in gaining public support and hurting Verizon profits during the CWA strike last summer.

This struggle is about Verizon workers, but it’s also about pushing back against the attacks and rebuilding a unified, militant labor movement that will not just give multi-billion dollar companies whatever they ask for, but will fight to defend benefits and demand more.

Get involved with solidarity leafletting! CWA needs our support!


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