Complete* video from the educational event “Labor Law for the 99%,” hosted by the Labor Alliance, with speakers Dom Tuminaro, Sonia Lin, and Daniel Gross.

[They’re saved as playlists, which for some reason won’t embed on this site…so follow the youtube links…]

COMPLETE: Labor Law for the 99% (1 hr 41 min)

or, watch in sections:

Intro: Michelle C & Amy M (4 min)
Dom Tuminaro on the Taylor Law & international labor law (13 min)
Sonia Lin on the Employer Sanctions Regime (13 min)
Daniel Gross on Solidarity Unionism (28 min)
Discussion (44 min)

*actually I’m missing about 60 seconds of Daniel Gross speaking during the discussion (from when I had to change batteries), so if you have that video, please contact us through the site… -S

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