99 Pickets is organizing a “House of (In)Justice” picket in support of former workers of Saigon Grill and the Sweatshop Free UWS campaign this Friday, Oct. 26th 6:30 pm at 90th & Amsterdam.

For years, the owners of Saigon Grill, Simon and Michelle Nget, failed to pay minimum wage and overtime to many of the delivery workers. In 2008, the U.S. District Court issued a judgment of $4.6 million for the workers. In 2010, the workers reached an agreement with the owners, who then sold their two restaurants to pay for the settlement.

Unfortunately, the new owners have failed to fulfill their promises, and have retaliated against workers who tried to continue organizing at the restaurant.

  • The National Labor Relations Board has filed a complaint against Saigon Grill for illegal firing.
  • Even though they assumed the former boss’s debt of one million dollars when they bought Saigon Grill in 2010, to this day, they refuse to pay the debt to the former workers.

They have also engaged in age discrimination, firing older waiters and others that protested against this practice.

More info about the event is here.

Workers have an ongoing picket & boycott, and are out in front of the restaurant Weds through Sun. Due to employer intimidation and retaliation, many current workers at the restaurant are scared to even talk to folks who are organizing, so community support is extremely important.

Hope to see you on Friday!

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