On September 11th, NYU students stood in solidarity with 1199SEIU nursing home members against NYU Law School trustee Daniel Straus, who has endowed the Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law and Justice at NYU Law School with annual gifts of $1.25 million. It’s an understatement to say that his workers don’t benefit from the same generous treatment. Daniel Straus’ nursing home companies, Care One and HealthBridge, have a long history of breaking federal labor law and violating workers’ rights, including firing caregivers for trying to form a union, slashing healthcare, wages and staffing, and threatening one of our union organizers with violence.

The NYU student in this video was exercising his free speech rights on his own campus. For this, he was met by a goon squad of Daniel Straus supporters, who surrounded him threateningly, yelled homophobic slurs in his face and threatened to beat him up. Is this the way students should be treated for standing up for workers?

1199SEIU is asking allies to share the video and sign the petition started by the students to remove Daniel Straus from the NYU Law School board.

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