Mic Check! Simon Says Workers Don’t Matter. We say WORKER POWER! Mic check and banner drop inside the National Retail Federation conference in NY. Walmart US CEO Bill and Darden board member Bill Simon was just speaking. 

  • Bill Simon says and the rest of the industry follows.
  • Simon says: no paid sick days, we say: healthy work places. 
  • Simon says: $2.13 an hour, we say: that is not a living wage!
  • Simon says: Don’t raise minimum wage. We say: Living wages for all workers!
  • Simon says: Workers don’t matter. We say: Worker Power!
  • Simon says: Profit over People. We say Workers First!
  • Simon says No Hours for Retail Workers. We say it’s time for Just Hours!
  • Simon says No Promotions for Workers of Color. We say Career Paths for All!
  • Simon says Immigrant Workers Can’t be Servers: We Say End Racial Discrimination Now!
  • Simon says Do More work for Same Pay. We Say: More Work, More Pay!
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