Inspired by the unionization drive by workers at Hot & Crusty on 63rd St., workers at other restaurants owned by the same group of investors are organizing to demand fair wages and just working conditions.

This week, workers have organized a series of events to highlight the struggles of restaurant workers and spread the word that they will not stand for exploitation!

Monday 9/24:

    Pizza Bagel Cafe, 14th St. & 1st Ave., 8:30-9:30am
    Bread Factory, 61st St & Lexington Ave., 5-6pm

Tuesday 9/25:

    Europan Cafe, 78th St & Broadway, 4-5pm

Wednesday 9/26:

    Ray’s Pizza, St. Marks Pl. & 2nd Ave., 5-6pm

Thursday 9/27:

    Tepito Taqueria Bar & Restaurant, 14th St. & 1st Ave., 8-9pm

Friday 9/28:

    Hot & Crusty, 86th St. & Lexington Ave., 4-5pm

Saturday 9/29:

    Tepito Taqueria Bar & Restaurant, 14th St & 1st Ave., 8-9pm
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