39AE1506-568D-42E6-BA43-81A5C6962B31On Sunday, Feb. 10, a delegation of Kensington residents delivered dozens of pledge cards to Golden Farm, a grocery store in Brooklyn. 60 former customers, who together used to spend over $4,000 a week at the store, have pledged to return to shop when owner Sonny Kim signs a fair contract with Golden Farm workers and their union. The cards represent only a portion of the community members boycotting the store in support of the workers.

CARDSAlthough Sonny Kim wasn’t in the store, we tried to give the cards to Sharon Kim, a manager of the store and Sonny’s wife. Kim refused to speak to us, and denied any involvement with the store, but we were able to deliver our message: “Sign the contract, Sonny!” Golden Farm stands to regain a lot of business when workers finally have a fair contract.

Contract negotiations continue this week; learn more about the campaign, and take action!


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