99 Pickets, OWS Arts & Labor, the Labor Outreach Committee, and Immigrant Worker Justice are all joining forces on the OWS Anniversary to highlight worker and immigrant struggles within the 99%. Just look for the #99PKTS banner to join us!

7am: Gather at Zuccotti Park as part of the 99% contingent and help build the People’s Wall, a blockade of the NY Stock Exchange.

8:30am: Labor “Swirl” — after the first wave, regroup at 2 Broadway (near Battery Park Station on the 4,5) for a mobile protest of anti-worker employers and businesses in the Financial District.

1pm: 99 Pickets Blitz — meet at 26 Federal Plaza (just off Foley Square) for a brief teach-in on labor and immigrant issues and then a tour of bad employers.

Our goal in all of these actions is to keep participants safe and reduce the chance of arrest.

Stay in touch with us during the day on S17 by joining the 99 Pickets text loop. Just text @pickets to 23559. For general OWS S17 updates, text @S17NYC to 23559.

For a full schedule of events for the weekend, check out the S17 NYC website.

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