2013-01-24 22.30.2699 Pickets and Occupy Kensington have teamed up in a new campaign aimed at showing Golden Farm owner Sonny Kim how much revenue he stands to regain by signing a fair contract with Golden Farm workers.

Since the workers of Golden Farm have called for a community boycott of the grocery store, sales have been down more than 50% on peak days. Residents are demanding that Sonny Kim sign a fair contract with the workers, restore workers’ hours that were illegally cut in retaliation for organizing, and reinstate employees that were fired for the same reason.

Members of 99 Pickets and Occupy Kensington are asking residents of Kensington, Windsor Terrace and Ditmas Park to fill out cards stating how much they used to spend at Golden Farm, pre-boycott, and a pledge to return to shopping at Golden Farm once Kim signs a reasonable contract with the workers — including paid sick days.

The cards will be delivered by a neighborhood delegation on Jan. 27, immediately before contract negotiations with the union.

If you don’t have time to fill out a card in person, use the form below! We’ll deliver it on your behalf.

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