Notice from the Hot and Crusty Workers Association:

After a workplace occupation, a week of targeted direct action, round-the-clock picketing and an outpouring of community support, the Hot and Crusty Workers Association announced Saturday that it has come to a tentative agreement with the new owners of the Hot and Crusty located at 63rd street and 2nd avenue. The Union announced that the company has agreed to recognize the union immediately and commence negotiations towards a collective bargaining agreement. Workers will return to their jobs in approximately two weeks. Additionally, the union has negotiated the institution of a hiring hall through which all employees must be referred by the Hot and Crusty Workers Association.

This is a historic victory for low-wage and immigrant workers and would not have been possible without the grassroots organizing of the Laundry Workers Center and a broad coalition of support, including Occupy Wall Street, various labor unions, workers centers and community-based organizations.

Workers will continue to keep pressure on the company until the new contract is signed. Join the picket line at 63rd St. & 2nd Ave. every day this week!

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