Canvassed at the Oceanside HS on Nov. 10th at 11am.

Assessment: Spoke to the Principle of Oceanside HS who is doing a great job coordinating community relief efforts. The School will be open from 11am-5pm Sunday and Monday. There is food, hot meals, they are still taking donations and will not be turning anything away. They do have teams of people canvassing the community by car and with bullhorns, alerting the community to what is being offered at the High School.

The school has full power and heat. Limited Wifi.

They could always use volunteers! Just walk in the front door and check in at the desk.

There has been overwhelming support via donations of money, currently they are looking to setup a paypal account to address this issue. Oceanside California is also matching donations dollar for dollar.

The School will remain a community center until Tuesday Nov. 13th when the school will reopen.

There will be hot dinners served the next 2 days. The school is making every effort to get out hot dinners to the community before nightfall.

Find more information here:

Oceanside HS Website - Official website of the Oceanside HS, not updated.

Oceanside Community Services - this is an organization that is working closely with the HS to provide relief services.


—>   This is the Oceanside Community Services facebook page where they are posting updated info.



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