Please everyone share with 3 people. Spread the word about a simple change that can change everything. Democracy at every workplace. If we are serious about solving the problems we face, then we need a serious analysis of the kernel from which they spring. In the organization of our working lives.

“For workers to become their own board of directors is simply the final step in the long overdue process of Democracy as a concept. The idea of democracy is that if you have to live with the decisions then you should participate in making them. We as a nation take seriously that idea, and we want our politicians to be accountable to the people the make decisions for. But, if we are committed to Democracy, let me point out something that is a little bizarre. Where do most people who are adults spend most of their waking hours? At work. 5 out of 7 days. That’s a big proportion. If Democracy is a basic value of our system, how comes it to be that we exempt it from the place we spend most of our lives? The norm of a business is that the majority of people do not decide what to produce, how to produce, and what to do with the profits. A tiny minority decides that, and we live with the results of those decisions. This is only the modest proposal that we bring Democracy where it should be all along. ”

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