Occupy The Economy Dates TBD
Taking place at the following Corporations headquarters.

Join us and participate in an Occupation and General Assembly nearest you.





HQ: 5959 Las Colinas Blvd, Irving TX


HQ: 702 SW 8th St

Bentonville, Arkansas







HQ: 15407, McGinty Road


HQ: 5303 Shilshole Ave. N.W.

Seattle, WA


HQ: 1 Dole Drive Westlake Village,


HQ: 1300 I St.
NW E #450 Washington, DC






HQ: 333 N. Central Ave

Phoenix AZ


HQ: 999 Corporate Blvd.
Linthicum Hts,



HQ: 65th Street North, Birmingham,


HQ: 200 Public Square #3300, Cleveland,






HQ: 2199 East 28th St. Lorain,


HQ: 750 9th St NW # 550 Washington,


HQ: 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 1110 Arlington,


HQ: 3135 Easton
Turnpike, Fairfield, CT






HQ: 1 Proctor & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH


HQ: 3555 Farnam St. Omaha, NE


HQ: 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA


HQ: 1 New Orchard Road Armonk,
New York






HQ: 140 West Street New York,



One Comcast Center

Philadelphia, PA


HQ: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain
, CA


HQ: 1 American Road #904

Dearborn, MI





HQ: 1000 Darden Center Drive, Orlando


HQ: 2677 Prosperity Ave

Fairfax, VA


HQ: 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati,


HQ: 1 Post Street San Francisco,





HQ: 399 Park Ave. New York, NY


HQ: 277 Park Avenue, New York,




OCCUPY THE ECONOMY is hosting a Tour of the American Industrial Empire. We are
calling on the World’s 99% to join us as we call attention to the supreme
concentration of power over the productive resources of America and the

Imagine what the 99% could do when we bring the entire
financial, commercial, and industrial system under democratic control.

The Recession

We could use the financial resources of JPMorgan, Citigroup, and other massive
financial institutions to put millions of people back to work by rebuilding our
nations infrastructure. We can invest right away in
our country’s future.

Climate Change

We could put the resources of finance and raw materials together to create a
sustainable infrastructure fully integrated with the natural world. We would no
longer have to wait for some financial capitalist to invest in such changes.
They never will because they only use resources for growth. However, we can use
resources for human needs, which in turn depend on a healthy planet.

We would no longer have to worry about infinite growth on a finite planet
because we will get rid of this system of infinite growth; industry will do
what people need it to do, instead of running out of control because of the
coercive forces of profit competition. Production defined by people instead of
by profit is the answer to this impending disaster.

Poverty and Wealth Distribution

When industries are controlled democratically the way wealth is distributed
will reflect the input of all who work there. A much more just distribution of
wealth would accrue as workers will decide how the resources of their workplace
will be used and distributed. Will workers pay some 700 times more than others?
Of course not. Would workers ship their own jobs
overseas and destroy their communities? Of course not.
The great poles of extreme wealth and extreme poverty will cease. The full
development of each will be the condition for the full development of all.

Working Life

Americans work more than anyone else in the world. We are working longer hours
now than we did in the 1950’s. Think about the massive technological advances
that have accumulated since then. This means that the technological
infrastructure we’ve created is not being used to save labor
time, but to increase it for profit.

Once industry is under democratic control we will be able to use technology to
meet human needs instead of forcing humans to keep up with the speed of
technological change. Capitalism is a rat race that is driving us into the
ground. Imagine what we can do when we decide how that technology will be
organized and put to use.

Social Alienation

The logic of profit driven markets is ripping apart our social fabric.
Alongside the advances in social media and communication technologies, such as skype, iphones, facebook, and other platforms designed to bring us
together, Americans are seeing less of their families and friends in real life.

We instead peruse pictures and send messages to each other through a global
village evacuated of real human beings and populated instead by electronic
sighs for real human connection and belonging.

The fact is people must search for work, but work is in constant search of
capital. Jobs move to more profitable areas, and people must follow jobs.
Uneven development occurs as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Families and friends are ripped apart as we all must move around from place to
place looking for work. Capitalism simply considers labor
another unit in the icy cold calculation for maximization of profit, moving it
around where it sees fit.

People must also compete against one another to survive. We spend our lives
trying to outdo our neighbors for our own personal
gain, because the logic of capitalism compels it. This creates a culture of
predatory individualism and collective mindedness as we all compete for the
same narrow goals. It is not an individualism where we can pursue our own ends
in cooperation with others; it is an individualism that forces us to constantly
look at others as potential job threats and obstacles to conventional success.
Success meaning owning wage slaves for ourselves.

But, when industries cooperate instead of compete, and operate because of
public will instead of profit, we can end social alienation and begin the
healing process. People will have more time to see their families. People will
not view others as obstacles to overcome for success, but allies for the
success of all. We can, by working together, begin to end the misery caused by
industrial tyranny.

The Solution: Industrial Democracy

The 99% sees nothing good in an economy that is controlled by corporate managers
or by politicians. Instead we want industrial democracy – industry run by its
workers through direct democratic processes free from hierarchy. The greatest
problem facing humankind is not the much-discussed question of production and
distribution. It is the problem of power. It never has been and it never will
be safe to let a few control the affairs of the many.

The big question for today and tomorrow is this: How is industry to be
controlled? Who is to own industry? Who is to say whether industry is to run or
stand idle? Who is to decide what is to be produced and where that product is
to go? Who is to decide what services are provided and to whom? Who should
control industry?

1. Should modern industry be controlled by a handful of business managers?
2. Should politicians administer it?
3. Or should those who do the work run it?

It must be one of the three. The corporate managers through their banks, their
control over directorships, and their enormous influence over the public debate
through the media they own and the government they control,
seek to ensure their complete control over the economic life of the world.

However, we can run industry and thereby solve the problem of power, for all
the power that runs this world comes from our own efforts.

Call To Action!

OCCUPY THE ECONOMY would like the 99% to participate in General Assemblies
discussing concrete tactics of forming an industrial democracy in the U.S., which
would then spread to the whole world. Here are several ways we could bring the
economy under direct democratic control. These are suggestions to
discuss at General Assemblies.
Together we will build a better world.
Join us and share your ideas.

Occupied World Cooperative

Imagine the entire economic system was democratically organized as one giant
cooperative. Our resource use would no longer be constrained to the narrow ends
of competition for corporate profit and domination. The major centers of human
activity, as we have seen, are currently organized for these ends, at the
expense of the 99% and the planet. A new mode of economic organization is
needed. With enough people, we can occupy our workplaces and start moving
toward this goal. We could create local, regional, and international hubs to
coordinate efforts among occupied workplaces, and start solving major issues
through non-violent direct action, as we begin occupying the world economy.


If all the workers in each of the four major corporations in all sectors of
industry on the tour join in One Big Union, we can begin to
solve the major problems of recession, climate change, social alienation, and
working life right now. We would have a significant portion of the economy,
from raw materials to public service and finance, under direct democratic control.
It is simply up to you to act. Will we form the seed of the new society in the
shell of the old? Or will we continue to watch the entire political and
economic edifice collapse? It is up to the 99% to take control of its destiny.

Right to Industrial Democracy Federal Convention

Our founding fathers did create one powerful check against tyranny, and it has
never been used – until now. The people themselves can call a constitutional
convention and amend the constitution.

It is called a convention to propose amendments to the constitution. It is a
single federal convention that can propose a specific amendment. The amendment
can also be ratified by convention.

At the end of this tour we are calling for a march on every state legislature.
We will camp out and demand that these legislatures send an application for an
Article V constitutional convention, for the right to industrial democracy
amendment, to congress. We then put this amendment in the constitution.

This amendment will abolish competition and make businesses cooperate instead.
It will give workers the right to own and manage their workplace, electing
representatives to organize production in the ways that they decide. It will
bring the entire financial, industrial, and commercial system under democratic
control, solving the major problems facing us today, and significantly
enlarging the scope of human freedom.


OCCUPY THE ECONOMY is calling on all of the 99%, all activists and concerned
workers and citizens who wish to take an active role in ending the major
problems facing humanity today.

We will Occupy each of the major industrial powers in
the U.S.,
setting up General Assemblies to further our aims, and we will work toward
worker control of the industrial world, free from domination and exploitation.

What you can do:

1. Show up at the nearest corporation’s headquarters at a specified date
2. Help as many others as possible show up at the nearest corporation’s
headquarters at a specified date.
3. Bring signs.
4. Bring foods.
5. Bring this pamphlet.
6. Spread this pamphlet.
7. Participate in a General Assembly at each Occupation to
discuss organizing Industrial Democracy now.
8. Subscribe to the email list to receive links about how to
set up a General Assembly using consensus democracy.

Right to Industrial Democracy

We the people believe that it is illegitimate to have the power of production
concentrated in a small class of directors and shareholders who decide to what
ends the productive forces of industry will be put to use. How the productive
forces of industry are used, organized, and directed substantially impacts the
well being of all persons on the planet and the planet itself. Therefore, this
power must be dispersed democratically, so that the productive forces of the
world can be used, organized, and directed for the purpose of meeting human
needs and promoting the general welfare of all human beings, the earth, and
society – instead of enriching a tiny industrial elite
at the expense of the many. Therefore,

I. All workplaces will have an organizational and functional structure
that is determined democratically by all those who work there.
II. In order to organize the affairs and carry out the needs of the work force,
each workplace will form facilitating bodies elected to carry out and organize
tasks that are of a greater scope than the local shop.
III. Each facilitating body of a higher order will contain representatives
directly revocable by the unit from which they are elected.
IV. What is produced, how it is produced, and what is done with the resources
and the surplus, will be decided democratically by all workers within their
V. Workers have the right to recall their representatives in order to ensure
they carry out the tasks they are charged with, to prevent concentration of
power in the hands of the few, and to ensure workers retain democratic control
of industry.
VI. Congress will enforce these rights with appropriate legislation.

| occupytheeconomy@interoccupy.net

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[accordion_panel title=”Share This! Occupying Our Future: Solutions to Capitalist Crisis”]

Posted September 30th, 2013 by andrea • permalink

Please everyone share with 3 people. Spread the word about a simple change that can change everything. Democracy at every workplace. If we are serious about solving the problems we face, then we need a serious analysis of the kernel from which they spring. In the organization of our working lives.

“For workers to become their own board of directors is simply the final step in the long overdue process of Democracy as a concept. The idea of democracy is that if you have to live with the decisions then you should participate in making them. We as a nation take seriously that idea, and we want our politicians to be accountable to the people the make decisions for. But, if we are committed to Democracy, let me point out something that is a little bizarre. Where do most people who are adults spend most of their waking hours? At work. 5 out of 7 days. That’s a big proportion. If Democracy is a basic value of our system, how comes it to be that we exempt it from the place we spend most of our lives? The norm of a business is that the majority of people do not decide what to produce, how to produce, and what to do with the profits. A tiny minority decides that, and we live with the results of those decisions. This is only the modest proposal that we bring Democracy where it should be all along. ”

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[accordion_panel title=”March in Solidarity With Greek Factory Workers!”]

Posted March 3rd, 2013 by jackiews • permalink

On March 16th in Washington DC at noon at 1 DuPont circle, the D.C. IWW has organized a march in solidarity with Greek Workers who Occupied and took over a factory.

As many of you know Tuesday, February 12, 2013 was the official first day of production under workers control in the factory of Viomichaniki Metalleutiki (Vio.Me.) in Thessaloniki, Greece.

This is a general call for any and all Occupiers who are wishing to attend this solidarity march!

Come join us and bring friends!

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[accordion_panel title=”Volunteers Needed!”]

Posted March 1st, 2013 by jackiews • permalink

Volunteers needed!

We need volunteers to help set-up Facebook pages for the following states:


These are the states where the main actions are planned. The most actions are planned in California (4). The states where the first two are planned are in TX and AK.

If you would like to organize for an action please set up an Occupy The Economy facebook page and invite as many people in your area that you can who are able to go.

You will need volunteers to bring tents, and facilitators for large General Assemblies.

You may need to set-up in public spaces nearby, or at the corporations headquarters. You may also need people to explain to the police that we are picketing and protesting on behalf of the whole 99% because the structure of our workplaces and hence our economy is inherently unjust.

We the people do not have to submit to the domination and rule of the 1%, whose values of greed and competition for self-gain are destroying the planet.

We want a horizontal economy with cooperation and mutual benefit in harmony with the earth. We want power dispersed and horizontal instead of concentrated and hierarchical. Rise up this Global Spring.

We need your help, this will not work without you.

Please join our calls on Friday’s for local volunteers.


Occupy The Economy!

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[accordion_panel title=”Occupy the Economy Seeking Knowledge, Ideas about Labor/Picketing/Protest Law”]

Posted February 12th, 2013 by jackiews • permalink

When we occupied public spaces we were protesting, but if we occupy a corporations headquarters then are we picketing?

If there are ways to protect the occupations under picketing and labor laws, that would be extremely useful.

We are looking for legal ideas on this, perhaps even saying we are a union on behalf of the 99% if that can protect the encampments. If anyone knows someone who knows about labor/protest law please join the call for organizers this Wednesday @ 7 PM ET!

Register for the Call:


Peace, Love

Occupy The Economy

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[accordion_panel title=”Minutes are forthcoming”]

Posted July 27th, 2012 by greggsky • permalink



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