Donate $10+ to Send 1,000 Blankets to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Just as hundreds of thousands of Hurricane Sandy victims begin piecing their lives back together, a Nor’easter is barrelling up the east coast, threatening to bring snow, rain, freezing temperatures and even more flooding to the region. Without power and adequate shelter, people across the tri-state area have been left dangerously exposed to the elements and risk serious illness.

After speaking with various local groups like Occupy Sandy and New York Communities for Change (NYCC) about what we could do to help, one need stood out above them all: the need for warm blankets.1

Occupy Supply has the resources and know-how to keep people warm and healthy from our support of the Occupy movement, and we are proud to donate 1,000 of our very best woobie, fleece and space blankets to victims in the area — but need your help expediting the package from Washington, DC before the cold front sets in.

Can you please donate $10 or more to help Occupy Supply send 1,000 blankets to victims of Hurricane Sandy?

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100% of your donation to Occupy Supply will be used to supply blankets and other essential provisions to victims of Hurricane Sandy; all items are American-made; fleece blankets are union-made.

As Firedoglake writers Dave Dayen2 and Kevin Gosztola3 have both reported, residents of Staten Islanders and the Rockaway Peninsula feel that they have largely been left to fend for themselves by FEMA and the Red Cross. In many ways, groups like Occupy Sandy are stepping up to fill much-needed gaps in assistance.

A lot of the bedding that has been donated, or that people may have already, is just not going to be effective against icy rain and temperatures dropping into the 30′s later this week, and we know what a difference it makes in people’s lives to have state-of-the art equipment keeping them warm.

The blankets we’ll be sending were tested for heat efficiency and durability last year by occupiers across the country and since we buy in bulk, it costs us far less than it would cost community groups or individuals to buy these supplies.

We’re including polar fleece blankets for warmth and light weight water-resistant woobie blankets used by the military that trap body heat. We’ll also be sending space blankets, which form a protective layer from the cold either underneath a sleeping bag or on top of bedding.

Please help us send these much-needed blankets to Hurricane Sandy victims right away.

Donate $10+ to help Occupy Supply send 1,000 blankets to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

This is just the first of many efforts Occupy Supply will take to provide aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in this time of overwhelming need.

In Solidarity,

Jane Hamsher

Founder & Publisher,


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