Occupy Strategy Group’s Top 10 Recommended Strategic Objectives

Occupy Strategy Group’s Top 10 Recommended Strategic Objectives

The Occupy Strategy Group consists of an email list of over 100 people, 6-8 of whom
met in open conference calls for the past year to review input from surveys, research,
emails, articles, and the Draft 2012 Occupy National Gathering Vision documents.

Over 100 proposed items were culled, then reframed into a smaller list, and also
released via an unofficial survey that generated 88 responses. Intense deliberations
and a strong desire to be as inclusive as possible, resulted in these recommendations
– based on urgency, doability, and degree of impact:

The group aligns on the following list of objectives. We envision the objectives as the
first steps on the path to a more peaceful, loving, and sustainable planet.
It begins with a livable ecosystem. Climate change is our timeline.

1. Abolish Corporate Personhood.*
2. Nationalize health care.
3. Establish a strong “commons” to protect the Earth and
nourish community.**
4. Enact a sustainable large scale energy, jobs, and
environmental recovery program.
5. Replace all entitlements with a Basic Income Guarantee.***
6. Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
7. Discontinue the practice of using federal reserve notes to
back US currency and replace them with U.S. notes.
8. Dismantle the CIA; end private military forces and prohibit
private intelligence agencies.
9. Stop the Patriot Act, NDAA and Drones.
10. Institute a carbon and other natural resource use tax
based on “full resource use accounting” and allocate the revenue
derived from it for a Basic Income Guarantee.****

Thank you for considering our work: please join our ongoing conversation
about current and future studies of strategic objectives:
August 2013

* Abolish Corporate Personhood: Amend the US constitution to declare that inalienable constitutional rights are for natural
individuals only, not corporations

** “Commons” refers to basics: clean air, clean water, healthy food, basic shelter, physical and mental healthcare, urban transit,
land commons, education, communications infrastructure; and all resources necessary for the health of the body politic.

*** “The Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) is a government ensured guarantee that no one’s income will fall below the level
necessary to meet their most basic needs for any reason.” – The U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network

**** Full Resource Taxation: For information on the fee and dividend, please see http://ossfoundation.us/projects/environment/economics

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