Occupy Sandy Registries

The Occupy Sandy Registries are a way that you can help donate supplies to the victims of Hurricane Sandy by sending them the exact items that they most need! Coordinators that are helping to provide aid on the ground post what they need to these registries – and you buy the items off the registry to have them shipped to the various locations. Thank you for your help!

Local Business Registry

The Occupy Sandy Local Business Registry is a fund raising effort that puts 100% of the funds raised for needed tools, materials and goods directly in the hands of locally owned businesses in the areas hit hardest by Superstorm Sandy. The items purchased in turn are delivered directly from store to work crew or recovering family. It’s like an online wedding registry that does twice the good – providing relief workers and recovering families with essential goods, while providing local business with the financial boost they need.

Local Business Registry

New York Registries

Staten Island Unity Hub

Staten Island Tool Library

Coney Island Warehouse


A communications and meeting space for Occupy Sandy.

New Jersey Registries

Monmouth County