About the Occupy Sandy Projects Team

The Occupy Sandy projects team connects people engaging in recovery projects with the resources they need.  Our goal is to support the successful implementation of recovery projects through the creation of an economy of mutual aid.  Our responsibilities include:

  • Managing the projects section of the OccupySandy.net website.
  • Facilitating collaboration by connecting projects and people together.
  • Helping projects that support other projects get better organized.

If you’d like to learn more and/or join the team, or have any questions for us, please email support@sandyresources.net.

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Our Process

  1. Project registers for the directory at occupysandy.net/projects/submit. During that registration process, the project applies for support from registered resource providers. Once registered, the project application will be automatically sent to the resource provider(s).
  2. If the project meets basic guidelines outlined here, it will be given a project page. If it does not,  we will explain what a project needs to do to get a project page.
  3. We will check-in regularly with projects to ensure information on their pages is up to date and collect feedback from them about their experience participating in the Occupy Sandy network.

Network Support Projects

If you’re involved in a project that helps people involved in other Occupy Sandy projects get access resources, services, knowledge, etc; then consider registering as a provider and we’ll connect you with projects and relief sites that need your help. REGISTER HERE.