Please contact sites directly to confirm the most updated information about helping at the location. You can also reach out to the Occupy Sandy Hotline or email address – 347-770-4520 or occupysandyvolunteers@gmail.com. Please also visit our Resources Page for important safety information for volunteers.

Visit our community pages to see specific needs there:

New Jersey * Rockaways * Staten Island * Coney Island

Or browse all locations (you can sort through the locations by choosing a specific type or locale below):

Other ny

Church of St Luke & St Matthew (520 Clinton)

520 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (between Fulton & Atlantic)
Updated Dec 27, 9pm

Status: St Luke and St Matthew/520 Clinton Ave is closed for renovation and cleanup due to fire pending further notice.

Please call our hotline 347-770-4520 or email sandy520clinton@gmail.com for further information or to

volunteer. You may also check directly with our sites in the affected areas for making donations.

Times: Closed until further notice.
Contact: (347) 770-4520
Other ny


169 Ave. B (btw 10th and 11th Street) New York, NY
Updated Nov 7, 1pm


Contact: (212) 358-1231 @GolesNYC
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Nazareth Housing

206 E. 4th Street New York, NY
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: NEEDS: Diapers, Baby Items, Baby Foods (LOTS) Batteries, Flashlights and Candles, PB&J, Bottled Water, Fruits and Vegetables, Sliced Bread, Feminine Hygiene Products and Blankets

Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Bowery Mission Transitional Center

45-51 Ave D New York, NY
Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Contact: (212) 777-3424 (Claude Nelson or any "operations manager" on duty. Open 24/7)
Drop-Off + Volunteer

American Legion

Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department

15 Noel Road, Broad Channel, NY 11693
Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Drop-Off + Volunteer

Iglesia el tabernaculo

2769 Stillwell Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11224
Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Times: Open Til 7
Drop-Off Only ny

Village Care: Red Hook Community Services Center

767 Hicks Street, Brooklyn NY
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: The Red Hook Initiative, prepared food & water only

Times: 10am-9pm
Contact: (718) 858-6782

351 Van Brunt St
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: Offering people access to computers, support for local businesses --- can help out with filing FEMA/food stamp forms

Drop-Off Only ny

Coffey Park

Verona St. bet. Richard St. and Dwight St.
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: Red Cross Distribution

Times: Open 12pm
Drop-Off Only

Secret Works

59 Jefferson St, #301
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: Drop-off location by appointment only

Contact: Megan (718) 344-5986 to schedule
Drop-Off Only ny


1584 York Ave (between 83 and 84th St.)
Updated Nov 15, 1pm

Details: Drop-off center for Rockaway/Breezy Point/Broad Channel donations

Drop-Off Only ny


Cabrini Blvd & W 187th St. New York, NY 10033
Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Drop-Off Only ny

Park Slope Armory YMCA

361 15th St. Brooklyn, NY 11215
Updated Nov 15, 1pm
Drop-Off Only ny


4 Nevins St. Brooklyn, NY 11217
Updated Nov 17, 12pm
Contact: (347) 410-6919 ext 243
Drop-Off + Volunteer

Garfield Temple

8th Ave & Garfield Pl.
Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Drop-Off Only ny

Resurrection RC Church

2331 Gerritsen Ave.
Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Drop-Off Only ny

Gerritsen Beach Volunteer Fire House

Brooklyn, NY 11229
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: Hot meals can be brought

Drop-Off Only ny

Children's Halloween Parade

2732 Gerritsen Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11229
Updated Nov 15, 1pm
Drop-Off Only ny

Councilman Sanders' building

15-26 Central Ave. Queens, NY 11691
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: NEEDS: -Food (mostly non-perishable) -Water -Flashlights and Batteries -Coats, Jackets, warm clothing -Blankets -Toiletries** -Baby supplies including food and clothing -Shoes, boots -Clean-Up supplies such as plastic bags and masks

Drop-Off Only ny

The Loom Building

1087 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11237
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: NEEDS: Food

Times: 9am until evening
Drop-Off + Volunteer

Nazareth Housing

Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: REQUESTS: VOLUNTEERS & Toiletries / Sandwiches / Snack Packs Apples / brown paper bags / cookies / batteries / candles / flashlights or LED lights that use batteries canned foods

Contact: Michael Callaghan (212) 471-7017
Drop-Off Only

Infini-T Cafe Spice Souk

Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Drop-Off Only

Mouse Trap Lanes

Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Drop-Off + Volunteer

59 Railroad Ave. Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: PRINCIPAL STAGING AREA - NEEDS: truck or van to collect food at Hunts Point in the Bronx. / water jugs, 25 lb bags of rice, bean, cooking oil, cutting boards, knives and pasta. We also need a truck or van to go to the Hunts Point Produce Market in the Bronx. AND MORE LOCATIONS FOOD NOT BOMBS LOCATION

Contact: menu@foodnotbombs.net

Park Slope Baptist Church

Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Joseph Alcamo Blvd.

Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Contact: There is little or no cell service in many of these areas so you may need to go directly or call (800) 884-1136

Ocean Village Community Center

Occupy Hub 143 Beach 56th Pl.
Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Red Hook Headquarters

480 Van Brunt #3 (second floor, above Fairway)
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: For goods donations/requests and inventory needs

Times: 9-5 daily
Contact: (347) 770-1528 redhookrecovers@gmail.com

Hempstead Food Share

Hempstead Train Station W Columbia St. & Main St.
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Coram Plaza

Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Huntington Food Share

Fairground Ave. & E 6th St.
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Farmingville Food Share

Horseblock Rd & Woodycrest Dr
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Martin L King Jr Health Center

Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Bedstuy Food Share

Lafayette Ave. & Marcy Ave.
Updated Nov 7, 1pm
Drop-Off Only ny

NYPD 101st Precinct

16-12 Mott Ave.
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: DROP OFF LOCATION - NYPD 101st Precinct in 11691 Far Rockaway will take donations directly

Contact: (718) 868-3400
Volunteer Only nj

Supply Delivery Newark

106 Sussex Ave. Newark, NJ 07103
Updated Jan 30, 2pm

Details: Urgent: Vols needed at 106 Sussex Avenue in Newark to deliver supplies to homebound families

Contact: Email: OSNJnewarkvols@gmail.com
Celly: @OSNJnewarkvols
Phone: (609) 318-4271
Drop-Off Only ny

Occupy Steve's Place

459 Keap St., Brooklyn, NY 11211
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: (908) 546-2063 (call, no buzzer)

Times: Monday: Noon-midnight / Tuesday: 7:30pm-midnight / Wednesday: 6:00pm-midnight / Thursday: 7:00pm-midnight / Friday: 10:00am-midnight / Saturday: 3:00pm-midnight

Metropolitan Ave & Leonard St

Brooklyn, NY 11211
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: We will be transporting volunteers and supplies from St Jacobi Church in Sunset Park to impacted areas throughout the day. We prefer that new volunteers come to Sunset Park if possible so that we can route you to the locations with the greatest need, rather than going directly to one of the volunteer sites. To catch a ride to Sunset Park, vehicles will be leaving from the following Brooklyn locations at 10am and 1pm. Please arrive a little before the hour as cars will be leaving on time!

Drop-Off Only ny

23-74 38th St. Queens, NY 11105
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Status: Location will not be accepting donations the week of November 26-30.

Details: DROP OFF ONLY, Main drop off for Astoria Monday and Tuesday till 7PM

Contact: Leni (646) 296-0070
Drop-Off Only ny

58 St. Johns Pl, Apt 3 Brooklyn, NY
Updated Nov 7, 1pm

Details: Drop-Off location in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Contact: Michael (347) 634-5544
Drop-Off Only ny

Pratt Disaster Relief Network

61 St James Place Brooklyn NY 11216 (Corner of Lafyette and St James / Higgins Hall of Pratt Institute)
Updated Nov 7, 3pm

Details: Flashlights, baby food, dippers, feminine products, batteries, heating devices, winter jackets, blankets, NO CLOTHING - are needed.

Contact: You could contact me at (631) 921-7528 or fwolf@pratt.edu
Drop-Off Only

Libertalia Autonomous Space

280 Broadway, Rm 200 Providence, RI 02903
Updated Nov 15, 3pm
Drop-Off Only ny

Salsa Caterers Phone

1779 Webster Ave. Bronx, NY 10457
Updated Nov 13, 10am
Contact: 718-716-2020
Drop-Off Only ny


21310 41st Avenue, Bayside, NY 11361
Updated Nov 10, 8pm

Details: Collecting donations for Breezy Point

Drop-Off + Volunteer nj

New Hope Baptist Church

106 Sussex Avenue Newark, NJ 07103
Updated Jan 30, 2pm

Status: Food; Baby Items (formula, wipes, diapers); Women's feminine products, Undergarments ?No used clothing at all please.

Details: Help with unloading; filling orders; organizing donations� Urgent needs: Baby Formula Water Food� Warm Clothing - especially baby/adults�

Times: 24/7
Volunteers starting at 11am
Contact: Email: OSNJnewarkvols@gmail.com
Celly: @OSNJnewarkvols Phone: (609) 318-4271
Drop-Off Only ny

IPJ Cristo Viene

2102 Mermaid Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11224
Updated Nov 12, 5pm

Details: Non-perishable goods, crackers, chips, canned goods, hot food, paper and plastic dishes, utensils, serving trays, sternos, blankets, winter clothes, sweater, hoodies, hats, scarves, socks, gloves, shoes, candles, toiletries, pet food, candles, flashlights, batteries, pocket warmers.

Times: For the time being open throughout the day and evening. Otherwise evenings at 6pm Wednesday and Sundays all day.
Contact: (347) 254-4968
Drop-Off Only ny


143-11 182nd Place Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
Updated Nov 14, 6pm

Details: We need raw chicken party wings, golden rice, canned vegetables, bbq sauce, elbow noodles, tomato sauce, carnation milk, turkey wings, sharp cheese,water, capri juices, soup, bread, tuna, crackers, vienna sausages,crackers, can food,can openers, baby food, baby cereal, formula, diapers, wash rags, towels, blankets, soap, tissue, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, lady products, lysol, bleach, dish wash, detergent, fabric softener, ajax, pinesol, garbage bags, broom, dust pan, mop, bucket, first aide kit, lotion, hand sanitizer, alcohol

Times: M-F 9AM-7PM
Contact: TERESA TIGUE 718-350-9210 d.tigue@yahoo.com
Drop-Off + Volunteer

Addabbo Family Health Center

120 Richards St.

Details: Providing walk-in medical care. Also coordinating home visits. Medical volunteers please call 646-470-7256

Times: 9a.m. - 5p.m.
Drop-Off Only ny

Occupy Storefront Community Center

59 Railroad Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

Details: Accepting donations: non-perishable food, water, blankets, winter clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies, batteries, flash lights. Financial Donations: Visit our Facebook Page. All donations will be shipped out to those devastated by Sandy in NY and Long Island.

Contact: 631 648 8811
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Riverside Church

91 Claremont Avenue (btwn W 120th & 122nd St.)

Details: Volunteer ALL WEEK - from 10AM - 9PM whenever works for you! Receive donations, sort clothing, load trucks


Gravesend Houses

2793 West 33rd Street New York, NY (site on 33rd St, past Neptune heading towards the water)
Updated Nov 11, 11am

Details: NEEDS: cooking oil & food

Contact: Debra Conner (347) 350-4966
Volunteer Only ny

Sheepshead Bay Pop Up Recovery Site

The Corner of Brown Street and Emmons Avenue
Updated Dec 26, 11am

Status: We are currently accepting Volunteers for help with mold remediation, prepping homes for mold remediation, debris removal, canvassing, community gardens work, and helping in our trailer! Russian and Chinese speaking volunteers are especially needed!
Donations: contractor bags, tyvek suits, goggles, work gloves, nitrile gloves, wire brushes, 1 quart plastic spray bottles, cordless tools, 6 millimeter plastic sheeting, duct tapes, heirloom seeds, a high capacity printer, canned goods, utensils and cups.



To Volunteer

You can either sign up through this link so we can predict our volunteer load for the day http://www.bit.ly/sheepsheadbay or email us at sheepsheadbayrecovers@gmail.com. Our hotline is 347-549-9708.

Check out our photoblog here: https://picasaweb.google.com/108360427126089734456/TheEndlessDay?noredirect=1

Times: 10 am- 5 pm Daily
Contact: sheepsheadbayrecovers@gmail.com
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

St. Mary's

192 81st Street & Ridge Blvd.
Updated Nov 15, 12am

Details: VOLUNTEERS: Needed Tuesday - Saturday, 10a - 5p. Looking for 4 chefs per day. People who can do full days preferred. People with culinary experience, and can be efficient in a small space preferred. NEEDS: Food: Barley, Quinoa, Brown rice, Pasta, Egg noodles, Flour, Sugar, Dried cranberries, Dried apricots, Tortillas, Dried: lentils, split peas, Cooking liquid, Boxes of white and red wine, Guinness stout Canned: Tomatoes, Canned beans (any), Better than Boullion soup base, Peanut butter, Tuna, Salmon, Canned chicken, Jam, Relish, Tahini, Roasted red peppers, Artichokes, Olives, Capers, Tofu, Baby Corn, Water chestnuts, Canned chiles, Olive oil, Canola oil Meat: Whole uncut pieces of meat we can break down ourselves are fine. Seriously- any cheap cut of meat will do. No offal. Pork shoulder, Ribs, Stew beef, Ground beef, London broil/skirt steak, Chicken thighs, Bacon, Ham, Hot dogs, Sausage Vegetables: Onions, Potatoes, Carrots, Celery, Garlic, Sweet potatoes, Apples Frozen: Edamame, Spinach, Pearl onions, Green beans Dairy (prefer gift cards for these items): Milk, Cream, Cream cheese, Eggs, Parmesan cheese Miscellaneous: Paper bags, Take out containers (pints and quarts), Ziplock bags, Aluminum pans with cover, Aluminum foil, Plastic wrap, Sandwich baggies, Deli paper, Latex gloves Will also need LOTS of fresh produce Supplies: Note that we'd be happy borrowing any of this from restaurants who are not using them, and will return after the holidays. Cambros or insulated bags for steam pans, Racks and sternos, Large Gatorade coolers for soup, Hotel pans, Baking pans, Kitchen spoons, Ladles, Measuring cups, Cutting boards, Knives, Colander, Stock pots, Rondo, Saut�e pan (large), Grill pan, 2 metro racks, Spreaders/butter knives, Dishes/scoops

Times: Tuesday - Saturday 10a - 5p
Contact: Kitchen Contact: Allison (718) 909-2434; Organizer from 520: Joshua (347) 213-4656

Office of Emergency GMT

351 Van Brunt

Details: Offering people access to computers, support for local businesses can help out with filing FEMA/food stamp forms not a drop-off location

Drop-Off Only ny

Red Hook Warehouse

83 14th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Ave)
Updated Nov 10, 1pm


Times: 10-4:30 daily
Contact: (347) 699-6676 / redhookdispatch@gmail.com
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Jewish Agency Serving the Aged (JASA)

132 W 31st St # 10 New York, NY 10001
Updated Nov 10, 7pm

Details: Volunteers to help reach seniors who are trapped in their apartments. We need help in Brighton Beach and Far Rockway.

Times: 10:30 - 3:30
Contact: Jacob Stolar at (212) 991-6572 or email volunteer@jasa.org
Drop-Off Only ny

Visitation Church

98 Richards Street (at Verona), Brooklyn NY
Updated Nov 10, 6pm

Details: Accepting: all supplies until full

Times: 11:30am - Sundown
Contact: (718) 624-1572
Other ny


66-85 73rd Place Queens, NY 11379
Updated Nov 10, 8pm
Contact: 718-497-1630
Drop-Off Only ny

Our Lady of Miracles - Canarsie Cluster Center

757 East 86th Street Brooklyn NY, 11236 Bet. Glenwood and Flatlands (in the rectory)
Updated Nov 13, 11am

Details: Donations Only. All donations are made in the rectory for the ?Food Pantry?. Items to donate are for babies and toddlers. Such as the following: ? Baby Formula ? Baby Foods ? Baby Juices ? Baby Wipes ? Baby Powder ? Baby Desitin ? Pampers All new items, nothing used, everything sealed and packaged.

Times: Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
Contact: Maureen Benjamin (347) 400-7141

Red Fern Community Center (in the Red Fern Projects)

Corner of Beach Channel Dr. and Hassock Ave.
Updated Nov 10, 6pm
Contact: Manny at (718) 593-6418 and Alicia (347) 886-2214
Drop-Off Only ny


36-14 35th Street Queens, NY 11106
Updated Nov 10, 8pm

Details: Cleaning Supplies, Garbage bags, Baby Items, Prepackaged foods (snack packs, etc), Flashlights, batteries, candles, matches ? anything that helps bring light, Cooking Supplies and utensils (plastic forks, knives, etc), Coats, Blankets, Socks, Glove, Hats. Anything to keep people warm.

Times: Sunday 11/4
Drop-Off Only ny


10-40 Jackson Avenue Queens, NY 11101
Updated Nov 10, 8pm

Details: Emergency supply donations

Times: Friday 12-5pm, Saturday 10 am-1pm & Sunday 12-8 pm.
Contact: (718) 482-0909

(13th) Iglesia Pentacostal

13-61 Beach Channel Drive (a block and half from Mott Ave.)
Updated Nov 10, 6pm
Contact: Roberto (917) 560-5805

(20th) St. Mary?s Church

New Haven Ave. (between B19th and B20th)
Updated Nov 10, 6pm
Contact: Jimmy or Father Guti�rrez
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny


25-28 Broadway Main Floor Queens, NY 11106
Updated Nov 10, 8pm

Details: Accepting donations as well that I will be delivering to Long Beach NY hurricane victims.

Other ny


80-90 Myrtle Avenue Queens, NY 11385
Updated Nov 10, 8pm
Contact: 718-366-6085
Other ny


55-19 69th Street Queens, NY 11378
Updated Nov 10, 8pm
Contact: 718-651-3185
Other ny


84-01 Jamaica Avenue Woodhaven, NY 11421
Updated Nov 10, 8pm
Other ny


22-45 31st StreetQueens, NY 11105
Updated Nov 10, 8pm
Times: 11/3 from 10 am -1 pm and all week
Drop-Off Only ny


21-52 44th Drive Queens, NY 11101
Updated Nov 10, 8pm

Details: Water, clothing (especially socks, underwear and sweats), shoes, non-perishable food, baby food and baby supplies, toiletries, cleaning supplies, batteries/flashlights and lanterns, demolition tools (pry bars, sledge hammers, garbage bags), tarps, daily newspapers, batteries (A, AAA, D).

Drop-Off + Volunteer


83-91 Woodhaven Boulevard Queens, NY 11421
Updated Nov 10, 8pm

Details: Volunteers are needed 83-91 Woodhaven Blvd (GMAP). They are using Assembly member Miller?s office as a staging location to bring supplies to the Rockaways. They need blankets, clothers, food, cars with gas to move the stuff etc.

Contact: 718-805-0950
Drop-Off Only ny

Long Beach City Ice Arena

150 W. Bay Dr. Long Beach, NY 11561
Updated Nov 10, 6pm

Status: NEEDS: diapers (newborn up), food items (cereal, rice, boxed mixes, pasta, teas, coffee), cleaning supplies

Times: 7:30-4:30
Other ny


137-35 Northern Blvd. Queens, NY 11354
Updated Nov 10, 8pm
Times: 12 pm - 5 pm for as long as needed.
Contact: 718-463-7700
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny


110-00 Rockaway Blvd South Ozone Park, NY 11420
Updated Nov 10, 8pm

Details: NYPD representatives and volunteers will be on scene in white tents to collect everything from canned goods to coats and shoes for city residents who lost everything in the storm. We?ll be collecting clothing, sweatshirts, hats, packages of bottled water, toiletries, and non-perishables.

Times: Friday & Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Drop-Off Only ny

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, (Church Offices)

7420 4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY
Updated Nov 10, 6pm
Times: Mon, Wed, Fri: 8am-2pm, and Tues, Thurs: 8am-6pm.
Other ny

Gowanus Community Center

420 Baltic St, between Hoyt and Bond
Updated Nov 29, 12am

Status: This location is closed since services were fully restored to NYCHA apartments in the area.

Times: This location is closed.
Contact: Valery Jean (valery@furee.org, 347-806-6435) or Lucas (lucas@furee.org).
Other ny


41-05 Newtown Road Queens, NY 11103
Updated Nov 10, 8pm
Times: Friday 6:30 pm - 8:30pm, Saturday 1:30pm - 4:30pm, Sunday 12pm - 3pm
Other ny


800 Cooper Avenue Queens, NY 11385
Updated Nov 10, 8pm
Drop-Off Only ny


47-01 Queens Boulevard Suite 205 Sunnyside, NY 11104
Updated Nov 21, 2pm



Drop-Off Only ny


228-06 Northern Blvd. Queens, NY 11362
Updated Nov 15, 8pm

Details: Newish clothing, canned goods, nonperishable food, and manual can openers.

Times: until 11/7
Contact: 718-229-4000
Drop-Off Only ny

Third Root Community Health Center

380 Marlborough Rd., Brooklyn, NY 11226
Updated Nov 13, 11am

Details: We are collecting every kind of donated item EXCEPT for perishable food items! Third Root is a small facility and unable to accept large donations.

Times: 8:30 am-12:30 pm daily
Contact: Teresa Theophano teresa@thirdroot.org (718) 940-9343 @thirdrootclinic
Drop-Off Only ny

Church of St. Edward the Martyr (Episcopal)

14 East 109th St, New York, NY 10029
Updated Nov 14, 6pm

Details: Accepting supplies - NO clothes, please. Call the church office at (212) 369-1140 if you need help. To enter, come to the red doors and ring office bell.

Times: Friday, 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Contact: @DanShockley
Drop-Off + Volunteer nj

Long Beach Island/Manahawkin Hub @ King of Kings Church

1000 N. Main St. Manahawkin, NJ 08050
Updated Jan 30, 2pm

Status: NEEDED: Non-perishable food items. Baby supplies (food, diapers, formula, clothing). Childrens' clothes. Medical supplies. Waterproof bins. URGENT: Safety equipment & muck-out equipment (OSHA N95/N92 FACEMASKS, waterproof boots, waterproof work gloves, hazmat suits and/or heavy-duty overalls, tarps, waterproof plastic bins, crow-bars, headlamps, batteries).

Details: NEEDS/REQUESTS: VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Volunteers are needed all day for lots of SORTING & PACKING, and some local distribution of goods and services. King of Kings Church has fielded a huge and impressive operation. They have heated showers in a trailer behind their gymnasium, which is full of clothes. Their sanctuary is full of food and supplies, and they have a medical clinic complete with free doctors' hours. They are working with other organizations in the area to help Long Beach Island recover from its devastation. As their capacity grows, volunteers will be needed for other tasks, but for now there is a great need for packing, sorting, and local distribution. There is also a need for ORGANIZERS to come help streamline this massive operation. If you're interested in temporarily relocating to the area to organize on behalf of Occupy Sandy, please contact OccupySandyNJ@interoccupy.net to arrange local housing.

Times: Open all day
Contact: Email: OSNJLBIvols@gmail.com
Celly: @OSNJLBIvols
Phone: (609) 318-4271
Drop-Off Only ny

Holy Trinity - St.Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

1641 Richmond Ave. Staten Island, NY 10314
Updated Nov 17, 12pm

Details: Hurricane Sandy Toy Relief Drive: Call for details and to make arrangements. Thank you!

Contact: Fr. Nicholas Petropoulakos (718) 494-0658
Drop-Off Only ny

CAAAV (Main Office)

46 Hester Street (storefront) New York, NY 10002
Updated Nov 17, 6pm

Details: Drop off location. Will accept cleaning supplies and food. NO Clothing

Times: 12pm-4pm Daily
Contact: (212) 473-6485 justice@caaav.org
Drop-Off Only ny

Coney Island Houses

3030 Surf Ave. Building 2 Brooklyn, NY
Updated Nov 17, 10pm
Times: 10:30am - 5pm Daily
Contact: peoplesrelief@gmail.com
Drop-Off + Volunteer nj

Church of Grace and Peace

1563 Old Freehold Road Toms River, NJ 08755
Updated Jan 30, 2pm

Status: Items needed/volunteer info/hours of operation can be found on website: graceandpeace.org, click on Hurricane Relief banner

Details: NEEDS: Non perishable food items, PB&J, Shelf Life Milk, Cleaning Supplies (trash Bags, brooms, mops, rubber gloves), sporicidin disinfectant VOLUNTEERS: 2 orientation sessions: 7:30AM & 12:30PM. Volunteers are then assigned to their tasks.

Times: Opens 7:30am
Contact: Josette at 732-349-1550 ext 211
Volunteer Only ny

Center of Kaiser Park

Neptune Ave - Bayview Ave, W. 24 St. - W. 32 St. Brooklyn
Updated Dec 31, 11am

Details: Volunteers will be coordinated from this location, but we do not currently have regular hours. To join a volunteer event, please register as a volunteer with Occupy Sandy and we will let you know when we are holding volunteering events in Coney Island.

Times: Open for special events only
Contact: peoplesrelief@gmail.com
Meals ny

Coney Island Gospel Assembly

2828 Neptune Ave., Brooklyn, NY
Updated Nov 17, 10pm

Details: Hot meals

Times: 10:30am - 5pm Daily
Contact: peoplesrelief@gmail.com
Main Distribution Center ny

Midland Avenue Neighborhood Relief & SI Tool Library

489 Midland Ave. Staten Island, NY 10306
Updated Feb 26, 9pm

Details: Needs: Donations of Hot Food, New Winter Clothes, Cleaning Supplies & Healthy (Sugar & Gluten Free) Non-Perishable Items. Staten Island Tool Library is Open Wed- Sun 11 AM - 4 PM http://toollibrary.tumblr.com/ email: communitytoollibrary@gmail.com (347) 770-0025 Needs: Donations of #P100 Masks, Borax, Cascade Powder Detergent, Goggles, Tyvek Suits, Spray Bottles, Hand Warmers, Extension Cords, Pry Bars, Sand Blasting Equipment, Shop Vacs, Power, Wood Working & Yard Tools.

Times: 7 days a week, 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Contact: midlandavecommunityrelief@gmail.com Tool Library: communitytoollibrary@gmail.com (347) 770-0025
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Goodfellas Pizza

1718 Hylan Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10305
Updated Nov 16, 9pm

Details: NEEDS: Clean up & demolition crews NOTES: Accessible by taking Staten Island Railroad to Dongan Hills or R train to 86th Street in Bay Ridge and transferring to S79 Bus

Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Movement Church / Brown Cross

95 Hett Ave. Staten Island, NY 10306
Updated Nov 16, 9pm

Details: NEEDS: Volunteers, vans, long range walkie talkies

Volunteer Only ny

Rebuild SI

927 Patterson Ave. Staten Island, NY 10306
Updated Nov 16, 9pm

Details: Volunteer only

Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Tunnel to Towers Foundation

2361 Hylan Blvd. Staten Island, NY
Updated Nov 16, 9pm

Details: NEEDS: Volunteer assignments include distro, door-to-door info gathering, help with hot food prep in the field, cleaning supplies, personal care, flashlights, batteries

Drop-Off Only ny

566 Hunter

566 Hunter Ave. Staten Island, NY 10306
Updated Nov 16, 9pm

Details: NEEDS: Propane heaters, sleeping bags, emergency blanket, cleaning supplies and tools

Times: 9:30am-4pm Daily
Volunteer Only ny

Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue

3479 Richmond Road Staten Island, NY
Updated Nov 16, 9pm

Details: Can send families/kids, not heavy work. Needs volunteers for deliveries and for handing out supplies of pet needs.

Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Drop-off and Volunteer Center

Father Capodanno & Slater Blvd. Staten Island, NY
Updated Nov 16, 9pm

Status: Listed here, but not an official Occupy Sandy location. We do not have direct contact with this location.

Details: NEEDS: Volunteers, as well as water, cleaning supplies, hot & cold food donations

Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Hallowed Sons

49 Cedar Grove Ave. Staten Island, NY 10306
Updated Nov 16, 9pm

Details: NEEDS: Propane and sternos

Contact: Hallowedsonsnyc@gmail.com
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

VFW Center / Guyon Rescue

575 Mill Rd Staten Island, NY 10306
Updated Nov 16, 9pm

Details: NEEDS: Demolition crews, generator, tables, chairs, some food, cleaning supplies, heavy duty extension cords to connect generators to multiple houses

Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

YANA Community Center (B113)

Beach 113th St at Rockaway Beach Blvd
Updated Dec 31, 10am

Status: YANA will be closed December 31 and January 1

Current Needs: Heaters, Nebulizers, Boots, Tools, P100 respirator filters, Construction materials, Vacuums with HEPA filters, Industrial dehumidifiers
or a specific needs list, contact sandyrockaway@interoccupy.net

Details: We are in the process of rebuilding YANA (You Are Never Alone), a worker training center destroyed in the storm and reborn as Occupy Sandy's first relief site in the Rockaways. We need volunteers interested -and ideally skilled- in construction, but anyone willing to get dirty will be put to good use. Please wear boots and appropriate clothing; safety gear will be provided.

The YANA relief site also dispatches volunteers throughout the peninsula, to do everything from clean up and gutting to donation distribution. If you are interested in helping, please contact them or just head out to YANA and see how you can help.

Times: 10am-5pm Tues-Sun (closed Mondays)
Contact: (347) 644-9262 sandyrockaway@interoccupy.net
Drop-Off Only ny

O'Dwyer Gardens

2950 W. 33rd St., Brooklyn, NY
Updated Nov 17, 10pm
Times: 10:30am - 5pm Daily
Contact: peoplesrelief@gmail.com
Drop-Off Only ny

O'Dwyer Gardens

2945 W. 33rd St., Brooklyn, NY
Updated Nov 17, 10pm
Times: 10:30am - 5pm Daily
Contact: peoplesrelief@gmail.com
Main Distribution Center ny

St. Margaret Mary Presentation Hall (Staten Island)

1128 Olympia Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10306
Updated Jan 11, 12am

Status: Occupy Sandy is no longer operating at this site. We have moved to 551 Midland Avenue.

Details: NEEDS: Comms volunteers, demolition & canvassing crews, tools, cleaning supplies.

Times: 11am-4pm Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat, Sun. (Closed Tues and Thurs)
Contact: (347) 201-0670
Twitter: @StatenIslandOS
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StatenIslandOS
Drop-Off Only ny


495 Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY
Updated Nov 18, 12am

Details: THIS SITE COLLECTING FOR THE ROCKAWAYS ONLY. SPECIFIC DONATION REQUESTS IN ROCKAWAYS: NO CLOTHES! Other big needs: * Toiletries, such as toothpaste and toothbrushes * Coffee (instant is probably best) * Paper & Pens & Markers (shelters really need this to label stuff that comes in) * Shovels, water pumps, * Batteries * BLANKETS * Pet food is one big one, as a lot of people have animals.

Times: M-F 11am-7:30pm, Saturday 11am-7pm and Sunday 12pm-6pm
Contact: Linda Wolff (646) 637-5912
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

St Gertrude?s (B38)

336 Beach 38th Street (at Beach Channel Drive)
Updated Dec 29, 11am

Status: CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Mold in the building!

Details: Distribution, volunteer and medical services hub.

Times: Currently Closed
Contact: 260-BEACH38 (260-232-2438)
Drop-Off Only ny

Alive Ministry (B21)

1050 Beach 21st St. Btw Mott Ave and Cornaga Ave
Updated Nov 20, 9am
Times: 9:30am-4pm Daily (Drop-offs preferred before 12:30pm daily)
Contact: (917) 339-2522
Drop-Off Only ny

St. Camillus Church & School (B100)

Beach 100 St Btw Rockaway Beach Blvd & Shore Front Parkway
Updated Dec 30, 8am

Status: Closed until further notice.

Details: St. Camillus Church was the main distribution site for Occupy Sandy in the west side of the Rockaways. It provided hot meals as well as accepting and distributing all manner of donations, except clothing. Donations are not needed currently.
Volunteers are not needed at this site.

Times: 10:00am-4pm Daily (7 days)
Drop-Off Only ny

Church of the Prophecy (Cornaga)

23-04 Cornaga Ave
Updated Dec 30, 9am

Details: Please call to arrange drop-offs or to volunteer.

Times: 9:30am-4pm Daily
Contact: (347) 207-4113 (828) 367-8525
Volunteer Only ny

Occupy Gravesend Kitchen

West 3rd & Kings Hwy (Gravesend, Brooklyn)
Updated Nov 21, 10am

Details: Occupy Gravesend Kitchen is a satellite vegan kitchen that prepares warm meals for the occupy sandy relief efforts where they are needed. What we need the most is donations. Eventually, I'd let to get volunteers to help out but at this point, it's just a matter of getting enough food to make a meal. To donate: 1.) Via the amazon registry: You can view the list at: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wedding/3DG0GJPD9XHCZ 2.) Send us a gift card via Fresh Direct ( http://www.freshdirect/giftcard ). Please send the giftcard to the email: occupygravesendkitchen@riseup.net . Thanks to everyone who already donated. Your generosity keeps this kitchen going.. literally ;)

Times: Please contact to inquire for days/times
Contact: occupygravesendkitchen@riseup.net
Volunteer Only ny

El Centro del Inmigrante

1546 Castleton Ave Staten Island, NY 10302
Updated Nov 25, 9am

Details: El Centro del Inmigrante in Staten Island has been helping the hispanic community since the hurricane but they are in urgent need of volunteers for canvasing, because they know that there are more affected people in Midland Beach that still didn't get any help (mostly undocumented migrants). They need Spanish speaking volunteers, if possible people that have experience working with undocumented migrants, although in any case they can provide specific training for volunteers. Needs: VOLUNTEER NEEDS: -needed everyday for canvasing (Spanish speakers, preferably with their own car) and sorting supplies -needed on Sundays for cleaning and reconstruction SUPPLY NEEDS: -baby supplies - toys -funding for renting new housing

Times: Mon- Fri: 7AM- 1PM & 6PM-9PM Sat: 7am- 11am Sun: 9am-1pm
Contact: gonzalo@elcentronyc.org
Volunteer Only ny

Action Center

57-10 Beach Channel Dr
Updated Dec 24, 10am

Status: No volunteers or donations will be accepted Dec 24-25 and Dec 31-Jan 1.

Details: Daily 10AM - 4PM

Times: Daily (Mon-Sun) 9am-5pm
Contact: (718) 869-0346
Main Distribution Center ny

St Johns Episcopal Church (Bay Ridge Kitchen)

461 99th St, Brooklyn, NY 11209
Updated Feb 8, 12am

Status: After several amazing months of operation--preparing thousands of hot meals and distributing them throughout the OS Network on a daily basis--the Bay Ridge Kitchen closed on March 1st, 2013.

Details: St John's Episcopal Church is a kitchen that produces prepared meals. It is a drop-off location (for food and kitchen items only), and we need volunteers daily for food prep, kitchen cooks with experience, floor and dispatch coordinators, office (computer entry, answer email/phone), runners.

Shop Fresh and Send Direct to the Occupy Sandy Kitchen!

Our refrigerators and pantry are becoming increasingly bare and we need your help restocking so that we can continue to distribute 2,000+ hot nutritious meals to Sandy effected neighborhoods. Orders of FRESH, ORGANIC, NATURAL and LOCALLY PRODUCED food items can be made through FreshDirect.com and shipped directly to our kitchen or Gift Cards may be purchased online and sent via email so that we can purchase items as needed!

Ship to:

St. John's Episcopal Church
461 99th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209



Times: Closed
Contact: (347) 465-7430
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny


183 Beach 96th Street Rockaway Beach, NY 11693
Updated Nov 27, 8am

Status: Visit this link to view today's needs at this location: http://bit.ly/smallwater

Details: Smallwater is a grassroots disaster relief initiative seeking groceries, produce, hot food, food truck donations & kitchen staff volunteers. Their collaborative focus with Occupy Sandy is providing hot meals to Rockaways residents, every day.

Times: 10am-4pm Daily
Contact: (347) 683-4315 Info@smallwater.org
Volunteer Only ny

Greenpoint Reformed Church

138 Milton St., Brooklyn NY 11222
Updated Nov 28, 8am

Status: Regular needs--large foil pans and lids. Any kitchen staples--olive oil, vinegar, butter, cheese...

Details: We are cooking hot food Monday-Thursday. Sunday we are prepping veggies for the week. We need help prepping, packaging up food, cleaning, and delivering.

Times: Monday-Thursday 11am-3pm, Sunday 2pm-6pm
Contact: Ann Carroll, annefay@gmail.com, 347-678-5429 Twitter: @hippolytann
Drop-Off Only ny

First Baptist Church of Brownsville

357 Chester Street, Brooklyn, NY 11212
Updated Nov 28, 2pm

Status: Socks, gloves, food, cleaning supplies

Times: Tuesday-Thursday 9am-3pm
Contact: (917)-681-0540, Dirdre Olivera
Drop-Off + Volunteer nj

Monmouth County Sandy Relief Hub

Updated Feb 17, 2pm

Details: We are in need of VOLUNTEERS for three things:
1) We need more organizers and Long Term volunteers to get trained on the ground for our kitchen crew and gutting crew.
2) We need DAY volunteers to come and help our gutting crew who have been on the ground doing tons of demolition daily for the last month. THEY NEED SUPPORT from 9 - 5 to help run more crews to meet the needs of the towns we are working with (now keansburg, keport, union beach, hazlet, and the highlands).
We are also looking for 5 kitchen volunteers and 10 gutting volunteers for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
DONATIONS -- we need P100 and N95 masks with respirators, work gloves, tyvek coveralls, work boots, and sporicidin disinfectant in addition to stoves washer dryers and household items. couches tables furniture televisions tables dishes pots and pans.

Contact: Email: amanda.OSNJ@gmail.com
Volunteer Only ny

Red Hook Volunteers HQ

325 Van Brunt St
Updated Nov 30, 9pm
Times: Friday - Sunday 10am - 6pm
Contact: (718) 306-9149 redhookvolunteers@gmail.com
Main Distribution Center ny

The Ascension Church (Greenpoint)

122 Java Street, Brooklyn NY
Updated Feb 7, 12am

Status: Ascension Parish Hall at 122 Java St in Greenpoint is an Occupy Sandy communications and meeting space.

Contact 347-770-4520 for more information or to volunteer.

No direct donations please at this time.

Details: Headquarters for volunteer orientations, central comms, and dispatch. To request use of space, please fill out the form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dE5Pc2p5WU9PdU9GbmJWbGVpU2ZiWEE6MQ#gid=0

Contact: 347-770-4520
Volunteer Only nj

North Vineyard Church

370 North Street Teterboro, NJ 07608
Updated Feb 17, 2pm
Times: Saturdays: Volunteers MUST attend a brief orientation session held at 8:00am OR 12:30pm.
Tasks will include insulation removal/installment, floor removal/installment, wall removal/installment, general demolition. Much of the work is done outdoors, so wear warm work clothes - Tyvek Suits & protective masks will be provided.
Weekdays: Ongoing work, volunteers needed for various projects, including construction and canvass.
Contact: Contact info: OSNJnorthvols@gmail.com
Let us know which orientation you are attending!
Volunteer Only nj

First Presbyterian Church (Manasquan)

16 Virginua Avenue Manasquan, NJ 08736 (Enter through glass doors in parking lot)
Updated Feb 19, 12pm

Details: Muck outs, Clean outs, Light construction
Dress for heavy work in layered old clothing & work boots, feel free to bring your own hand tools if you can.
Must register on our site so that we know how much work to schedule.

Times: Saturdays @ 9 AM Sharp
Contact: osnjptpleasantvols@gmail.com
Main Distribution Center ny

Occupy Sandy Staten Island Unity Hub

551 Midland Avenue Staten Island, NY 10306
Updated Feb 26, 12am

Status: The new homebase for Occupy Sandy, Staten Island! Volunteers Needed for Muck Outs, Canvassing, Deliveries, and Data Entry. Donations: Accepts all registry donations. NO DROP OFF DONATIONS! Drop offs (clothing, food, beat furniture) go to: Midland Ave Neighborhood Relief 489 Midland Ave Staten Island, NY 10306

Details: The new homebase for Occupy Sandy, Staten Island! Intake form for resident services: http://bit.ly/ossiservices Intake form for volunteering: http://bit.ly/ossivolunteer

Times: Weekdays: Call ahead to schedule volunteer hours, or register for services. Weekends: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Contact: OccupySandyStatenIsland@gmail.com 347-201-0670
Drop-Off + Volunteer ny

Rockaway Free Flea Market

Beach 110th Street on the Beach

Status: Accepting Donations and Volunteers! Donate: Clothing, non perishable food, small appliances and household items. Used items accepted.

Details: A weekly flea market and distribution site, the Rockaway Free Flea Market is open on Saturdays at Beach 110th Street. The goal of the Free Flea Market is to help residents to get basic items they need to recover after Sandy. To donate or volunteer, contact: RockawayFreeFleaMarket@gmail.com.

Times: Saturdays: Volunteers arrive by 10:30 a.m. Open to Public at 1 p.m.
Contact: Email: rockawayfreefleamarket@gmail.com Marissa; 347-792-6880
Start Your Own

If there is an urgent need in the area you were searching in, please let us know at OccupySandy@interoccupy.net