Shouldering the Costs: Who Pays in the Aftermath of Sandy? StrikeDebt Report

This report is a preliminary and living document highlighting the economic effects of Hurricane Sandy on New York City. It examines how the use of loans as the main form of “aid” to disaster-impacted communities is not effective at addressing individual or community needs. Further, the use of loans may lead to disastrous longer-term economic consequences for the impacted communities. Continue reading

Mayor Bloomberg Visits the Rockaways

Urgent Call to Action and Bloomberg’s Stealth Visit to an Occupy Sandy relief distribution hub in the Rockaways

New York City’s billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg, stepped out of a helicopter midday Thursday in St. Camillus’ parking lot, ironically an Occupy Sandy relief distribution hub in the Rockaways, Queens. The visit had been kept under wraps and not listed on his official schedule. Watch this video, read the statement and stay informed and pledge your support for the communities most affected by Sandy that are still in dire need! Continue reading

South Jersey Information

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission is coordinating support for more than 300 homeless families in AC and others.   website: drop off sites:,-74.550476&spn=0.50474,0.995636 Contact: (609) 646-4693. Ask for a Mission representative.   There is a gas shortage. Please … Continue reading

Brooklyn Hurricane Shelters Need Some Help!

from State Committeeman Chris Owens —————————————————————————————— BROOKLYN HURRICANE SHELTERS CAN USE SOME HELP —————————————————————————————— Unofficial word from friends assisting at hurricane shelters in Brooklyn: Overall, good work is being done. The shelters are well-staffed and they have food, but folks … Continue reading

#HurricaneHackers: a space for gathering & sharing information, and organizing tech+social projects related to Hurricane Sandy

@HurricaneHackrs IRC: Contribute or Find Out Information: Communicate without Cell / Internet Service Sharing Available Service To Devices (Mac / Android / Windows) Emergency Mesh Android App (Text to Others with Same App)