Occupy Marines Announce: ‘Operation Black Tide’


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(WASHINGTON DC) – Items purchased with funds acquired illegally are typically seized when the criminals are brought to justice. There is no free pass for possessing items purchased with money attained illegally; the same is true for the cash itself… it’s all illegal.

The following news release from Occupy Marines, bravely addresses the overlooked issue of blood money in our American society. It is the money from these illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries, that empowers those who threaten our nation’s very existence and tips the scales of justice in its favor.

OMC’s founder told me that he believed OMC would willingly and enthusiastically agree with this proposal to make this a central issue in this country and he was absolutely right.


    OMC continues our collective efforts in combating the elitism our great nation has suffered for decades and with great Honor and Pride announce the mobilization of Operation Black Tide.
    December 1st 2012, OMC will initiate Operation Black Tide with the primary objective of pursuing all applications of justice upon any governmentally contracted organization that have profited at all from the war efforts within Middle Eastern Operations between years 2001 and 2012.
    We are outraged that organizations have profited from the death, or other adverse action, of brother and sister Veterans serving America abroad and will dedicate all resources to bringing these organizations to justice.
    Semper Fi
    Semper Occupare


    source: http://www.salem-news.com/articles/november272012/black-tide.php
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