There’s nobody you would rather have on your side than the Marines.

Many of our Marine writers served in war; from Vietnam to the current conflicts. In fact one of the Marines on the team and I became friends when I was covering the war in Iraq and he was working in Marine Public Affairs.Our team of 99 writers includes 15 current and former Marines. Though we indulge different subjects, we all share a common background and we are all concerned with integrity.(SALEM) – We’ve covered activities from Marines and former Marines in the Occupy Wall Street movement from day one, and now we’re taking a step forward in sync with OCCUPY MARINES whose motto is Fighting for our Country – Not the 1%.

Our 3 October 2011 article Marines Heading to Wall Street to Protect Protesters, which was widely read, caused a bit of a stir and brought a discerning response from many who believed it was not possible that Marines were stepping into the ring.

Apparently cops preparing to harass, assault and demean citizens gathered in solidarity and non-violence on U.S. soil, really dislike the idea of Marines intervening on the behalf of citizens.

One comment on that story stated:

 I have not been proud of my country since about 1966…but this makes me proud. You go Marines, this is what you are supposed to do, not wage unfounded wars! It actually brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you. And anyone who thinks these protests should not happen….well, may you reap your karma.

 Police Created Need for OCCUPY MARINES

A Marine stood down a whole group of officers on 17 October of last year in New York, that is when police knew the game they were playing with the rights of American citizens was turning very serious and they looked like shit quite frankly.When Occupy Wall Street began, few were thinking about this eventual intersection of abusive police and angry Marines. The bottom line is that Marines are intense people and when they become determined to take or hold ground, they show real resolve.

United States Marine Corps. Sgt. Shamar Thomas from Roosevelt, N.Y. spoke for all Americans that night when he said:


I saw them beating people, people who had nothing to do with anything, just grabbing people out of the crowds, there’s no honor in that.



Neither his act or his words, should never been necessary. The fact that this resistance is taking place, is nothing less than a cause for alarm, it is a true reflection of the frustration people are feeling with a Congress willing to literally, take an eraser to our civil rights.

The police at various Occupy events have attacked girls, women, and others who in no way were deserving of violence. They’ve sprayed mace in faces of college students at a peaceful sit in. This sits very poorly with Marines. When Marines rise up against brutality, both sides have a real, nasty potential fight on their hands.

It was later in October, last year, when a two-tour Marine Veteran was shot in the head with a tear gas canister by police in Oakland. It was a wanton act of violence from the police and no matter what they say, nothing can change that fact. Police attempt to justify many things, however they can not rationalize this brutality. And as his brothers and sisters rushed forward, yelling “medic”, the police let them have another shot, more tear gas for those attempting to reach a wounded brother.


All Marines were shocked and angered by what happened to Scott Olsen with Veterans for Peace. I wrote in the wake of that tragic bout of state terrorism in Oakland:


Third Battalion Fourth Marines took another casualty this week, but it wasn’t in Helmand province, or Anbar; it was in the streets of Oakland. The city’s police, itching for a fight, shot Corporal Scott Olsen, a two-tour Iraq Marine Veteran, in the head.


Those naysayers who decried my first article about Marine involvement in Occupy, toned down when Marines kept showing up atOccupy protests.


The critics concluded that they were “ex-Marines” and Marine “Veterans” but they miss one fundamental point established by the United States Marine Corps itself; “Once a Marine Always a Marine”. Call it semantics, or a technicality, but it is and was proper to consider these participating occupiers Marines.

We don’t ask for this perpetual title, but we are given it, and therefore Occupy Marines is about Marines at all times, even if their active service was in the past.

For the record, let me be clear, OCCUPY MARINES is not about violence, it is about peace and government accountability to the people. Their official statement is published below.


 To inspire, organize, and mobilize American citizens against tyranny and oppression.

To remove irresponsible leadership from stations violating the citizens he or she have sworn an oath to protect and serve.

To hold law enforcement agencies legally and financially responsible for the damaging of personal property and the injury of citizens they are sworn to protect and serve.

To expose the financial elites responsible for the decline of both the American, and Global Economies, including organizations in support of greed and corruption.




    “OccupyMARINES Marines support the movement. We will support demonstrators with organization, direction, and supply-logistics.” reports general news with an emphasis on activities of the United States Marine Corps. For myself and others, it is our past.

While constantly advocating for all Veterans, our group has spent years exposing the toxic contamination of both the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in California, which is now closed, and Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, which is still active.

We also cover issues like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and I have covered Marine operations in Iraq, and also military operations in Afghanistan for

When the spirit of the Marine is used for peace, it becomes a powerful commodity. Marines are just as good a waging peace as they are with war, in fact it is what all Marines want, more even than their civilian counterparts.

I know that is hard for some people to understand, but there is nobody you would rather have on your side than the Marines. When they are willing do defend 99 percent of all Americans, we are reassured that there truly is hope.

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