Lt. Christopher Dorner we are prepared to receive you at your command.

We are an organization not associated with any American Law Enforcement agency. we do not, nor will, collaborate with such dishonorable organizations. We are veterans regulated by our own code of ethics; honor, courage, and commitment. We are not Veterans the powerful elite can intimidate, bully, or backdown.

We understand the LAPD has placed a standing kill order for your life and have collaborated with elements of the MSM to paint a picture of a rogue, troubled soul. Moreover, the FBI has been participative in the LAPD corruption culture and will serve the department to that same end, to kill you and bury the truth you carry.

What OMC offers is safe haven, a place to share with the public your side of the story. We offer the assurance that true justice will be preserved.

Contact us before it is to late. LAPD is not to be trusted.

For LAPD and the FBI: each day you pursue Lt. Christopher Dorner we will wage digital war upon your infrastructures.

We will not fail. Semper Fi Lt. God be with you.

Oath of Service
Marine Corps Values
Commitment to Civil Disobedience

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