Operation Black Tide  is a exploratory intelligence gathering effort OMC  focusing on the components of the Military Industrial Complex  and the activities therein.

Certain Information is excluded for the protection of OMC Targets of Interest (TOI) but noted as Acquired as the information is necessary for forensic analysis purposes in lieu of individual participation with, or support of,  the profiteering of war efforts from components within the Military Industrial Complex.


Robert S. Mueller, Director of the FBI

SSN: XXX-XX-1519

DOB: 08/07/1944

Phone Number: Acquired

Address: Acquired

Credit Report: Acquired


Hillary R. Clinton, Former Sec. of State

SSN: XXX-XX-2536

DOB: 10/26/1947

Address: Acquired

Phone Number: Acquired

Credit Report: Acquired


Eric Holder, U. S. Attorney General

SSN: XXX-XX-9025

DOB: 01/21/1951

Address: Acquired

Credit Report: Acquired


Charles L. Beck, Chief of LAPD

SSN: XXX-XX-3516

DOB: 06/27/1953

Phone Number’s:  Acquired

Address: Acquired

Credit Report: Acquired



Personnel TOIs:

Jane H. Lute, Deputy Secretary of DHS

Douglas E. Lute, Former U. S. Army General

Mark T. Kimmitt, Former U. S. Army General

Robert M. Kimmitt, Former Secretary of Treasury

Eric D. Prince, Founder of Blackwater Worldwide


Organizational TOIs:

G4S, Security Services

Halliburton, Oilfield Services






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