///Operation Black Tide///

A reminder to Americans the results that have been developed by our gigantic intelligence community (including, but not limited to, the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, MI6) concerning the initiation of the Bush Jr. penned “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) was based upon the information from a CIA informant known as ‘Curveball’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curveball_(informant)

This is not new information, however, we consider this a significant benchmark upon the decision making ability of our collective federal agencies that direct the course of America.

The fact that the military operations within the Middle East are based upon a fabricated story, that American Military Men and Woman sacrificed everything for a lie; and not a single congressman nor congresswoman stood against the tyranny in which each congressional member took an oath to do so, is in itself, a serious breach of national security.

Thus Leading America into the oversight committee’s interrogation of the senior leadership of the Federal Reserve Board including Ben Bernake (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Bernake)that infamous inquiry, ‘where is the money’ and the memorable stammering that would ensue. The truth is, Bernake had no clue where the money went. No one did. The prolific expansion of the intelligence community kicked off with an $81 billion dollar budget six months following the 9/11 attacks and grew into trillions of misappropriated funds by the Military and the Military-Industrial Complex designed to protect the most secret of secrets; so secret that no single person knew exactly how or where the American tax dollars were being spent.

And now, with the MSM pitching the ‘Fiscal Cliff’, could it be that our congressional, executive, and military leaders are stalling to get a clear and educated story straight? That in fact, trillions of American tax paying dollars were spent to protect government fabrications of the truth?

The same fabrications brought to light by Bradley Manning who now sits in prison, and the persecuted Julian Assange who each sacrificed everything to bring the truth to light.

Interested in finding the answers to these questions and more? Join OccupyMARINES under Operation Black Tide as we liberate the truth from tyrants; bring to justice those men and woman responsible for the killing of our sons and daughters, of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and of our friends.

Join us as we bring the fight home and reclaim the America we know and love.

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