Occupy NOLA, Justin: Sorry for the hassle. They do not want to work on this and will turn aeway supplies.
Nathan: These are not new allegations re: Darby. CG is trying to build new power. Critisism is misplaced. H20 filters should come today. Please save them. We did give Occupy the Stage $150.
Discussion of Occupy the Stage.
Hillary: Wants to check in on the filters. Please forward valid claims against CG. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
Justin: Darby is not responsible. We know what is happening here. No one did home work. We don’t think FBI is responsible. We have first hand accounts.
Gary: Are you trying to convince us not to continue?
Justin: I am educating you.
Gary: Should we continue with this conversation?
Andrea: We will let him continue.
Justin: We feel like info is overwhelming. We do withdraw.
Lindsey: Can we have some more background?
Gary: Should we continue on this conversation.
Justin: He will compile a list.
Hillary: Would like more info. Does not want to waste effort.
Gary: Tough to work in NOLA. Malik has had 20 years of experience. Never been indicted, etc. These sorts of rumors are usual. This means we are building power.
Lindsey: Donation site is up, but not getting the right stuff. Need flyers and need lists. Making seperate list for medical supplies. People donating the wrong stuff (clothes). Have water and trucks if needed.
Andrea: Wants needs list from Lindsey.
Lindsey: Waiting to hear from the coast assesment (Bill).
Bill: David is in NOLA. He will put on Occupy Disaster FB page.
Gary: will coordinate with David. Port light has also sent some reports. He will get new reports. Meeting tomorrow for people to communicate needs. Mostly need supplies for the clean up.
Bill:David has receipts for money.
Hillary: Wanted to clarify. Filters are worth $70 a piece/. Can provide info if needed.
Andrea: Friend in NY has office donating with company match. She needs concise needs list to put out for transport.
Gary: By Monday we should have 501 c3 status. Donors are waiting. We are zeroed out on account right now. Have given out funds for feeding and gas. We are getting things done.
Andrea: We have $300 left. Pending Lindsey’s receipts.
Amy: Can offer 501c3 info.
Gary: ok. CG got involved in 501c3 that went bad before. It was a bad history, but we can help keep mission.
Andrea: Board is clear.
Gary: Need to get list together. Should we keep tue-fri schedule.
Andrea: Unanimious for this schedule.
Call Adjourned