Call Notes for 9/11
Have a local 501c3 to help set up.
We also have 500-1000 tents coming in.
We pay is at $1521.00
He gave an interview to Free Speech Radio Saturday.
Felipe’s kitchen is on site and feeding tonight.
Feed 1500 people and done needs assesment.
Are ready for national fundraising drive.
Also created tool library so people can borrow.
Yesterday there was a clinic celebration and he got to meet some people who work with the clinic.
We need to get structure for organization together. We need to create oversite, operating, and finace comittees. Fiscal sponsor from National Gathering will help get procedures set up. We also need volunteer code of conduct.
Need donor accountability procedures and advisory board.

Amy: What is difference between CG Clinic and Collective?
Gary: These groups are related. Street medics helped after Katrina. In 2006 they took over apartment complex. Owner backed out and FBI took all their files. Common Ground Clinic and Collection all spun off after these court cases. Still a lot of acrimony. Gary met Malilk last October. Malik was asked to help clinic right before Isaac. He asked Gary to come in and lend a hand.
Amy: Long term goals?
Gary: Having preparedness resources available. Creating network for people to get help. Outreach and build networks. Also, Solidarity Hospital support and wetlands efforts. We are trying to build a broader consensus with other groups.