Gary: Overview and update on situation at CG. Gary will be working out of their offices for now.

Still much assistance needed in the area beyond what bigger orgs can give.

We need food drives and to get food to hubs in Jackson and Birmingham.

Would like to set up some more regional hubs to help get aid to NOLA. Tampa FNB can donate leftover food from the RNC gathering.

Anticipating needing help for a month to three months.

Need to get money coming in for we pay account. Need to get this on people’s agenda around the country for GAs.

Goals for call:
#1) Needs Assesment
#2) Asses capabilities and actionable items

Temp Check: Agenda accepted

Magpie in NOLA:

Went to GA, but most occupiers not accounted for. We don’t have resources to help and GA has not met yet since the storm.

They do not have power and cannot offer aid.

Gary: What do NOLA need?

Magpie: Have wepay set up to get their warehouse back up and running. She is worried that people think they have resources that we don’t have.

Gary: Do they have kitchen set up?

Magpie: Maybe, they need gas for generators. Warehouse has showers.

Gary: Is coming that way, can get gas, etc for them.

Magpie: Could not have fundraiser because of storm, need rent for warehouse.

Gary: Can outsiders help you guys find members, etc?

Magpie: Needs people to understand they don’t have resources. They need food for warehouse, and donations. Please share wepay link.

Any Questions:

Amy: Can put out wepay?

Gary: Should we have more than one account?

Morgan: Is there an easy way for us to let people know what NOLA needs.

Magpie: Has put on website and National Gathering and Charlotte have reached out.

Gary: Use Occupy Hub to post needs lists. Then we can move lists to other groups.

Andrea: Can take care of posting needs list.

Hillary: Hang in there NOLA, help is on the way. She sent out some filters today. She also sent bucket kits. Do you guys have drinkable water?

Magpie: Water at warehouse might be ok.

Gary: Malik is going to get contacts for people who need H2O filters in other parishes (St. Johns). We need filters for sure.

Hilary: Can’t ship until Tuesday. Will send, plus supplies. Will include testing kits.

Gary: Will email her about supplies.

Lindsey: Trying to get water down first so they can cook etc. Limited number of vehicles.

Amy: Can help divide up social media stuff with Hillary.

Gary: Do we have any other needs?

Lindsey: Bug spray. Basic medical supplies. There has been an outbreak of West Nile. Hoping some power will be restored this weekend.

Magpie: H2O not drinkable and don’t know how to test and they have no power in warehouse. Need filters.

Gary: Will get some aid over today.

Magpie: They only have one car, but it is not in good shape. She cannot provide transport.
Gary: We need vehicles in NOLA. Can Magpie talk to people?

Magpie: Yes.

Hillary: Does have a connection for filters in Florida and they may have bug spray. She will check and see what we can get. Hopefully we can get wholesale prices.

Gary: Needs to get off.

Andrea: What people can provide?

David: Need list of needs and what they have. He has FEMA reports of where groups are providing assistance. He can go find people not receiving help. 3000 people in shelters; that might mean 2500 people still need assistance. Gas shortage. He will be going out to parishes in person to see what needs are. We need to act as clearinghouse for info to direct people to resources and info.

Andrea: How much gas money?

David $160

Andrea: Will contact him directly to make this happen.

Gary: We should be able to assess money situation tomorrow. He is going to feeding tonight and will be working from clinic tomorrow. CGC is doing an assessment now.

Bill: Needs assessment crucial so we are not duplicating efforts.

Andrea: We can keep track of needs list so we are not duplicating.

Actionable Items:

Spread the word/outreach

Food Drives from other groups

Water Filters

Need announcement for InterOccupy Newsletter

National occupy mailing list announcement announcement