Thu 8/30/12

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Report from Common Ground Clinic on Needs (5 mins)
Discussion of Logistical Network (10 mins)
Discussion of Funding Network (10 mins)
Decision on how to/ if to proceed (5 mins)
Actionable Items and Bottomlining Assignments (5 mins)


– updates and what people are doing

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Item #1) Clinic Needs

Clinic has power.
Building not damaged.
Open tomorrow from 9-4 and will get a supply list together tomorrow am.
Food kitchens would be appreciated. People don’t have food.
Bill: Planning on setting kitchen up in Algiers.
Gary: Food not Bombs people may show up, but this is unclear. Hard to talk to organizers because power is out.

Item #2) Logistics
Trying to reach out to regional OWS groups. Limited communication with Baton Rouge groups.
Hubs in Jackson, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa. Can send donations to these locations for delivery to clinic.
Need to find ways to get drivers to deliver supplies.
Item #3) Capabilities.
Mandy Can offer water filtration –
Lindsey: Hub in Jackson. Have storage space for the supplies. Need driver support.
Amy: Web stuff.
Andrea: Has posted Press release and info.

Item #4) Financials
Gary: We Pay is up and running and release has been issued. Will pay for drivers. People can donate, volunteer, or donate goods. No donations yet.
Andrea: Will put out to OWS Networks.

Item 5) How to Proceed
Amy: Need to get some money in.
Gary: Need to get some suport money in. Pushing out the link.
Lindsey: Getting people who have time to drive. So we can get people on the road. Occupiers have linited means and work obligations.
Hillary: Can’t get donation button to work. She is putting in $200. Her son is in FNBs.
Gary: Thanks to Hilary. Have son contact us.
Andrea: Will put put donation list from OWS National Gathering.

Item #6) Are we capable of procedding?
Gary: Will see if post office can get stuff to the hubs is feesible. Confident in proceeding.

Temprature Check

Bill: Need to asses situation before proceeding to far to see if their are unmet needs.
Gary: Depends on what we find out tomorrow, but giving money to the clinic is useful either way.
Bill: Is aligned with that.

Actionable Items:
Gary: Get the message out and we will send out info tomorrow.
Can use WordPress Page to list needs and have volunteer sign up.
Revised Press List Tomorrow.
Andrea: Can set up Hub on Interoccupy
Gary: That works
Bill: Doesn’t want to promote we pay because they have their own kitchen page.
Gary: Totally understandable.
Bill: We have two complete sets of filters if needed.
Gary: Not sure if we need filters yet. Will know when we get needs list. If H2O is ok, we don’t need. However, worth checking into.
Summer: Knows some relief folks in Florida. Who can they contact if they can’t help.
Gary: Summer email
Andrea will send everyone link to listserv.

Check Out
Amy: Can help with web if needed.
Bill: On Occupy Disaster Relief FB Page. Also Rainbow has Isaac Relief FB Page.
Summer: She also knows the Rainbow People. CAn try tpo get phone numbers.
Bill: ARR group not around anymore
Andrea: Thanks. happy to be helping.
Cal: Thanks for helping.
Gary: Thanks for helping. Will get on listserv. Maybe have call in a couple of days.

Hub Addresses to Send Donations to:

Occupy Jackson Hub
121 North State Street
Jackson, MS 39201

Occupy Tuscaloosa Hub
1036 Brandywine Rd
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

Occupy Birmingham Hub
1671 C Valley Ave
Birmingham AL 35209

Donations can be made online:

Those wishing to volunteer, help or become involved with the effort can join the mailing list:




The Common Ground Collective that Created the Common Ground Health Clinic reaches out to Occupy for help supplying aid to New Orleans in aftermath of Isaac

The Common Ground Collective ( ) was instrumental in providing aid to Katrina victims in 2005. The Collective founded the Common Ground Health Clinic ( ). Malik Rahim reached out to Occupy Wall Street and Occupy activists for help in providing for the needs of those displaced by Isaac, but more importantly the more than 10,000 New Orleans residents who have been displace more than 7 years since Katrina.
Occupy Activists have begun to create the “Occupy Isaac Response Distribution Network” to provide needed aid to those in New Orleans. This growing hub will collect aid from nationwide fundraising and distribute the aid to the Common Ground Clinic, Occupy NOLA, Occupy Baton Rouge, and Food Not Bombs groups heading to New Orleans to feed the needy.

Although President Obama has authorized a preemptive declaration of emergency, Community Organizations do not expect to see any money till late next week. The brunt of dealing with the displaced, hungry and sick will fall to these Community Organizations whose funding has been cut in the current bipartisan attacks on the social safety net. Activists affiliated with the Common Ground Collective, Occupy, and Food Not Bombs have stepped up to fill the gap as an example of what collective action can accomplish.

This afternoon at 3 pm EST Occupy will begin a fundraising campaign for the benefit of the Common Ground Health Clinic. Donations can be made online:

Donors will be asked to help in one of two ways. Send medical supplies and staple food supplies via the USPS to Occupy Hub Locations in Jackson, MS; Tuscaloosa, AL; Mobile, AL, Houston, TX and Birmingham, AL. Drivers are being recruited in these cities to transport supplies into the Clinic and feeding tents being set up by Occupy NOLA and Food Not Bombs. The opportunity to make a financial donation will also be available. Money will only be used for the following purposes: 1. Gassing Vehicles to bring supplies to NOLA 2. Feeding & Caffeinating drivers 3. Buying Ice to keep medicine and Insulin cool 4. Potable Water 5. Staple Foods & 6. Items specifically requested by the Common Ground Clinic. Any additional funds will be donated to the Common Ground Clinic and a report of all expenditures will be available to donors with-in thirty days of the closing of fundraising.
Those wishing to volunteer, help or become involved with the effort can join the mailing list: or register for a conference call this evening at 7pm :

Those who wish to make a financial donation can do so with WePay:

Press Inquiries can be directed to: