Joann Manning has been living in her home for 5 year. Three years ago, she got laid off from her job, and one year ago, the bank who owns her mortgage sent her a foreclosure notice. Now, she just wants to pay her rent so she and her family can stay in their home. Unfortunately, Midland Mortgage, located in Oaklahoma, doesn’t want to accept her rent. Instead, they want to let her house sit empty and boarded up and her family to struggle to find a new place to live, while they wait for housing prices to go up just so they can make a profit selling it.

Your call and your presence tomorrow could help Joann and her family have a place to live.

Fortunately, you can help. Join the Tenant and Homeowner’s Association of DARE (Direct Action for Rights and Equality) at a rally tomorrow, at 4pm, at Joann’s home, 222 Vermont Ave. to show your support for Joann, and everybody in our communities facing foreclosure and eviction.

Or if you can’t make it out, call them today, at (800) 654-4566 Ext. 1204, and leave a message for Mary Hensley, telling her you think they should do the right thing, and accept Joann’s rent.

For more information, call Christopher, from DARE, at 401-316-1123

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