Electro Magnetic Radiation/Microwave dangers needs your involvement

We have talked with the top Microwave experts from around the globe who have alarmed us on the dangers we face with the explosion of new technological devises, smart meters, wi fi’s, updated cell phones, namely 4G’s and an array of unsuspected dangerious devises, like dimmer switches and baby moniter equipment.

We have talked with victims who have experienced the effects of electro magnetic sensitivity and learned about their personal tragedy stories of how their family members have died from cancer, or were traumatized by its striking body and mind effects, moved to another locale off the “grid” , and have developed debilitating chronic health problems

Today, with the New Year in front of us, we are going to open the discussion to ways we can educate the masses, and expand our reach inside and outside the Occupy movement, to find answers and actions that can benefit our health, safety and so we can lead a better way of life.

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