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Electro Magnetic Radiation and Microwave frequencies are dangerous and cause alarming
physical and emotional harm to humans and all forms of life. The government Health Organizations
are ignoring this issue, and the public is uneducated. We want to create a network of experts, activists and politicians to create awareness, produce campaigns and generally forewarn the public of it’s dangers. The goal is to have public policies and laws to curtail its use.

We also want to stop the use of these frequencies currently being used in wars, and currently used
to experiment on innocent people. We are looking to achieve an investigative hearing, similar to the
Nuremberg Hearing, where governmental scientists and government officials and community groups –
who knowingly participated (utilizing these technologies) in experiments on people are justly punished.

We need legislation, and we need our group to push for those in leadership positions, including Barack
Obama, to meet with our experts to develop a plan to stop torturing people.

We need to make up flyers, spread the word, campaign for this justice, find the best shielding devises, help victims through social organizations, suffering from trauma from their torture, and find safe havens for these people to readjust to life.
Wi-Fi in Schools—the Risks and the Realities – Dr. Karl Maret, Camilla Rees and Teacher Shelley McDonald

Podcast by Occupy EMF Harm. Three different perspectives on the risks to children from Wi-Fi in school are shared in this podcast–a medical doctor and engineer deeply familiar with microwave-emitting technology, a school teacher of 9th grade Math who may be fired, possibly in retaliation for raising concern about Wi-Fi risks to children, and a long-time electromagnetic field researcher and health advocate.

Wi-Fi in Schools–the Risks and the Realities – Dr. Karl Maret, Camilla Rees and Teacher Shelley McDonald from ElectromagneticHealth.Org on Vimeo.

Nov. 5,2015
Letter from a regular caller on the EMF calls.
Thank you for all you are doing.
I’m sending to you the documentary, “Home Sick”, a documentary done by a MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) person. Please keep it to share with others, as it can spread understanding among the non-MCS people who are interested, on the challenges faced by MCS, and now EHS people. “MCS’ers” have no legal rights nor protection in the US.

This documentary will help non MCS’ers gain some understanding of why HOUSING is such a difficult issue for us. And why each of us has very unique, and complicated needs. It was difficult before to find housing. But now with all the WIFI, finding a safe place is nearly impossible. Most of us live in our cars. Not by choice, but because there basically is no safe housing for us anywhere. And those of us fortunate enough to find a place to call home, usually within a few months are ‘attacked’ by ignorant neighbors and we are forced to literally “run for our lives” to escape the toxic ‘chemical weapons” unleashed on us. Aside from the WIFI, neighbors are our greatest threats.
Please keep this documentary and share it with others. I feel like you and the other Occupy folks want to help us. But, unless someone has an understanding of our unique needs, most people misunderstand us, and give up on us, thinking we are just being “too picky”. It’s as if we live in another world from the rest of the population in the US.
It’s sometimes said among the MCS
community, in the mideaval days, the Lenore’s were ostracized and given their own island to live on. Here in the US, those with MCS don’t even get that. We are on our own.

Thank you for trying to help us.
You and Occupy are amazing.

Homesick – Living With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (2013) from Dual Power Productions on Vimeo.



Sandy Fields
has shown outstanding action with education about the dangers of the wireless technologies
through 4 years of Occupy EMF Harm Programming.

OUR EMF GROUP awards you this honor for taking direct action to educate and alert the public on EMF radiation dangers.

Thank you for this significant contribution to EMF Awareness!

by The EMF HARM GROUP October 15, 2015
Date: July 16
Scientific evidence contradicts findings and assumptions of Canadian Safety Panel 6: microwaves
act through voltage-gated calcium channel activation to induce biological impacts at non-thermal levels,
supporting a paradigm shift for microwave/lower frequency electromagnetic field action

Read Abstract here:

Full paper here:
Date: June 25

As someone mentioned on the phone, we would love to have more people in our survey study.
We need both unaffected people and those who are affected.
Anyone who is interested can go to the website
or can call us at 858-558-4950 x207.
(This is being run purely on volunteer time – part time — so a callback might not be immediate.)

We’ve started the biomarker testing too, looking at genetics of oxidative stress detoxification — drawing from survey participants who agreed to be contacted again — and for that, we definitely need more unaffected people, as a comparison group.

Here is a cover letter for the survey:
We are initiating a survey to learn more about electohypersensitivity- risk factors, triggers, manifestations, etc. We are also interested in finding unaffected individuals that do not have electrohypersensitivity (and do not have chemical sensitivity) to serve as control*.
Ultimately, we hope to learn from the survey, and also to identify affected individuals and matched unaffected controls, who may be willing to participate in a study, to test biological markers that we believe will elucidate mechanisms of electrohypersensitivity.
If you could share the option to participate with affected (and unaffected!) individuals with whom you are in contact, we would be very grateful. (If you know of any other individuals or organizations with whom we should communicate to help reach affected individuals, please let us know.)

Warm regards,

Beatrice A. Golomb, MD, PhD
858-558-4950 x201
Professor of Medicine
UC San Diego School of Medicine

* The survey for people who are not affected is much shorter.

The link to the survey is:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
I. Yes, there is a paper version available for those who are unable to use a computer.
You can email at bgolomb@ucsd.edu or call at 858-558-4950 x201 to request a copy.
II. Yes, you can stop the survey and resume .
You must do this from the same computer and browser. “Cookies” may need to be enabled.
III. If a question does not apply or you are not sure how to respond:
a) The question can be skipped
You may be asked if you meant to skip it, but the survey will let you continue
b) Use the comment boxes to clarify, specify, amend
IV. If you were formerly EHS but not now, answer as you would have when electrosensitive.
The survey says this, but for at least one question we should clarify how to interpret this.:
Translate “How long have you been electrosensitive” to “For how long were you electrosensitive”.

Date: June 1

To: Occupy EMF Harm

Thank you for your time on your hotline and email, emf_harm@yahoo.com,on this emf concern, and to all the experts who answered. Everyone’s response helped to clarify the answer.

Thank you for setting up access to these experts and special thanks for the EMF Conference Calls. Without the conference calls I would not be able to address this issue at all.

Warm regards,



I feel that these weekly conference calls are such a great way to keep abreast of the EMR and MCS issues and developments and to help each other. What a great conference call today. Thank you so much for all your hard work Sandy.