Voice to the Voiceless Solidarity Declaration

Voice to the Voiceless Solidarity Declaration

We, a diverse group of people brought together by the spirit of resistance, recognize that the time has come for brave, cooperative action to throw off the chains of our current broken and outdated political and economic institutions. We, the 99%, hold that all life on earth is inter-connected and endowed with certain natural rights which cannot be granted or permitted by any coercive institution.

Because we are deeply concerned with the violations of these rights perpetrated by corporations and corrupt governments, both here and abroad, and fear for the future of our planet and our children, we declare our moral and spiritual outrage regarding the failures of our current oppressive political and economic systems. Rising to the challenges posed by tyranny, we stand in solidarity with one another and all people who strive not only to survive, but to lead lives of dignity, integrity and freedom.

In contrast to the exploitative political agendas of those currently in power, we declare that we are together committed to higher ideals, including (but not limited to) the following:

GLOBAL PEACE, DISARMAMENT, AND NON-COLONIALISM. Immediately dismantle the U.S. military-industrial complex, weapons of mass destruction, and foreign military bases. End all wars of aggression. Stop the hypocritical and counter-productive “War on Terror”, while prosecuting our own governmental/corporatist terrorists and war criminals. End all participation and support, financially or politically, of current wars and destabilization policies in the Middle East, Ukraine, Southwest Asian, Africa and around the world, including Israel’s attack on the people of Gaza.

HUMAN RIGHTS FOR ALL PEOPLE. Quality education and healthcare (as well as alternatives), housing/land and safe food, water and environments for all, as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Immigrants’ and refugees’ rights. An immediate foreclosure moratorium to prosecute Wall Street/Big Bank crimes, and to create means by which bank victims can truly be recompensed. Respect for the rights of the indigenous to their lands and culture.

A FAIR ECONOMIC SYSTEM. End income disparity and poverty. Disallow the hoarding of scarce resources. Recognize legally that corporations are not people, and stop corrupt business practices. Create just alternative(s) to our current outdated, unnatural and unfair economic system. Begin by breaking up the Big Bank/Wall Street monopoly.

A REDEFINITION OF HOW PRODUCTIVE & REPRODUCTIVE LABOR IS VALUED. Freedom from slavery and unfair/intolerable work conditions. All work is valuable, including women’s traditional work. Reproductive rights.

RESPECT & PROTECTION FOR THE NATURAL WORLD. Protect animals’ rights, as well as the earth’s natural climate and water systems. Save endangered species. Sustainable, natural development only.

SUSTAINABLE, NATURAL AGRICULTURE. Affordable organic food. End the factory-farming of animals and the dangerous genetic manipulation of our food sources. Honest labeling.

SAFE AND NATURAL RENEWABLE ENERGY AND ENERGY CONSERVATION. Ban frakking, nuclear power and other forms of energy dangerous to our health, environment and future.

TRUE DEMOCRACY. A United States government truly representative of the people–not just claiming to be democratic but actually beholden to the 1%–the corporations and the wealthy who allow only their two Parties to have power.

RESTORATION OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES, including the rights of freedom of speech, assembly, and the press/internet. An end to the police state, including National Security Agency spying, and the prison-industrial complex. Prosecute police brutality and murders. End the “War on Drugs” which has led to mass incarcerations as well as violations of Latin Americans’ rights. Respect the rights of the institutionalized and the imprisoned. Outlaw the death penalty. Ban Segregated Housing Units (solitary confinement) which has been named a form of torture by the United Nations.

We envision a society guided by compassion, wisdom, equality, and love of life, in contrast to today’s materialism, militarism, greed and prejudice, which inevitably will lead to death and destruction. Our governments have proven they are incapable of fairly representing us or addressing our grievances, and so we are compelled to rise up together, using direct democracy, non-violence, and the forging of collective will to guide us towards the creation of a new and more cooperative society.

We pledge to support one another and to participate in non-violent resistance, direct actions, creative protests, Occupations/sit-ins, boycotts, strikes, teach-ins, assemblies, and in any other ways which we individually or together feel called for the purpose of enacting the collective will of oppressed people everywhere. Another world is possible.

This is a living document that can be edited in the future by a direct democratic process of the people.

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