Occupy National Gathering Statement of Solidarity with Palestine

The 2014 Occupy National Gathering, held in Sacramento, CA July 31- Aug. 3, reached consensus on the following statements of solidarity with Palestine:

We stand together in solidarity as members of the Occupy Wall Street National Gathering 2014 in resistance against the Israeli government’s violations of international law and the human rights of Palestinians.

We condemn the Israeli government’s serious violations of international law and basic human rights in Gaza and the West Bank.

[We recognize] the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality.

We demand the restoration of freedom of movement for all Gazans and West Bank Palestinians, demolition of the walls, and liberalization of the borders between Israel and the Palestinian territories.

We demand an end to the bloodshed of innocent people all around the world for which our leaders are responsible. In light of the recent atrocities, we want an end to both the mass murder of innocents and the occupation of Palestine.


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